What The Politics of “Change” Teaches Salespeople

What The Politics of “Change” Teaches Salespeople

As we enter yet another Presidential election season, the politics of “change” have taken center stage (which they always do after eight years of any President). Both candidates are scurrying about trying to present a sharp image of change. There is a lesson that we, as salespeople, can learn from this Presidential election.

As salespeople, we are also agents of change. After our prospects have been doing business with our competitors for some time, we arrive to change the situation to their favor. We reduce expenses, improve profitability, and recover lost revenue for our customers as this change takes place. Change is many times difficult, and we must persuade effectively to increase our customer base.

We must also spend our efforts on prospects that are ready for change. No amount of convincing, even done under a strong element of persuasion, can influence a prospect that is unwilling to embrace change.

Qualifying your prospects is the only way to ensure you are spending your efforts on the right types of prospects. There is nothing worse in your selling career than spending large amounts of time with a prospect that ends up not doing business with you. Make sure your prospects are ready for a change to take place if the business options you present make sense.

No matter which candidate you are pulling for in this election, remember, you must also be an optimistic agent of change to win. Doing so will draw new customers into your camp. Think of each sales dollar you bring in as a “vote” for your candidacy.

Posted by on July 13, 2008