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Right Now, the Only Capital That Matters Is Social Capital

Working for others — instead of merely for oneself — is what keeps employees motivated in the wake of tragedy. Randy Scott’s home phone rang at about 6 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 11. His parents wanted to know if he was home in the San Francisco Bay Area or on the road, as he often is. They told him what was happening in New York, and he turned on the television. “I just stood there and

Content’s Reign As King Is Short-Lived

Era of Discontent With the recent demise of Automatic Media and its attendant Web content sites Suck, Feed, and Plastic, the phrase “Content is King” now takes its rightful place next to “The Earth is flat” in the Bad Call Hall of Fame. The problem with these sites, plus other strugglers like Salon, isn’t the writing, much of which is engaging, if not a little precious. They don’t lack a readership either, although their populations never

The Outernet Is Coming

Screens, screens everywhere- and not a moment to think! Just when the space for billboards seemed to be exhausted, small-screen technology has opened up a whole new vista of marketing terrain. Got a car? You can be pitched at the pump. Hold season tickets to your favorite sports team? Get ready for seatback commercials. Use an ATM or work out at a gym? Well, you get the message-and you’ll be getting a lot more of them,

How to Hold Corporate Accounting Accountable

Tighter regulation needed to curb questionable practices. The ongoing Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation of possible deceptive use of pro forma financial results by several companies should inspire little more than a sigh. Frankly, companies should be honest enough with themselves and their shareholders so the SEC isn’t forced to do all this baby-sitting. Fat chance. Pro forma started as a method that companies used in addition to Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP) to report

Mobile Marketing to Kids

Is that an advertisement in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Jaded consumers claim not to see the banner ads that scroll across their PC monitors. Kids today claim not to read newspapers-or the ads printed there-and everyone knows that remote controls are the perfect tool to surf away from TV commercials. New York-based AirMedia thinks it has the answer for delivering marketing messages where consumers will find them: Put them in

Nortel & Its Peers Face Huge Inventory Woes

Nortel Still Looking for Bottom The hits keep on coming in the telecom equipment sector. Last Friday, Nortel Networks became the latest victim in the plague that has struck Cisco Systems (CSCO, info), Lucent Technologies (LU, info), and JDS Uniphase (JDSU, info). The Ontario-based company warned that it expects a second-quarter operating loss of $1.5 billion, or 48 cents a share, much larger than the six-cents-a-share loss Wall Street expected. Including one-time charges, Nortel expects to