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The Youngest Of The Five Commissioners-As The Voice Of Reason

Commissioned Officer Military Man Michael Powell, who could be the next FCC chairman, has emerged as the agency’s voice of reason You can learn a lot about people by watching how they pick their fights. At the hearing on the Time Warner America Online mer-ger in late July, commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth, the permanently dissenting member of the Federal Commu-nications Commission, is making his usual opening statement, consisting largely of, “Why are we here? Why is the

What I Did for Prada

If you’re going to do whatever it takes to make it to the top, the least you deserve is an expensive pair of Italian high-heel open-toe shoes. I will admit it: There have been times when I have undermined women in the workplace. Early in my career, I learned the rush of being the only woman in a meeting. When I started in the CD-ROM business, working with rock groups, I wore jeans and a T-shirt

Next-Generation Wireless: No Panacea

Think the cellular providers will surely learn from their current quagmire? Think again. Judging from the money, effort–and hype–expended for its development, the third generation (3G) of wireless services due to roll out around the world later this year should usher in an era of go-anywhere, do-anything communications. Third-generation (analog is cellular’s first generation; current digital systems are the second, and future high-speed digital wireless will be the third) wireless systems will transmit data at hundreds

Marketers Of The Year: Kiss and Sell

Here’s to a nearly substance-free Campaign 2000, where any messages the candidates might have thought to muster have been mired instead in political lip-lock. Kiss me, I’m stupid. Until the candidates started putting their lips to good, puckery use, I’d mistakenly thought that this year’s presidential contest was about two guys with lots of ideas, but no ability to respectively construct single, unifying themes. Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” didn’t seem to fit with his tax-slashing, execution-happy swagger,

MOY: Sun Microsystems’ Scott McNealy – He Rose from the Deep End

Marketers Of The Year With lacerating quotes and lurid, movie-poster-style ads, Sun’s CEO has deftly positioned his company as the best alternative to a dreary world dominated by proprietary systems-or Microsoft. In July, IBM grew so tired of the in-your-face way that Sun Microsystems was dominating the market for Unix-based servers that it took the unusual step of launching a $5 million campaign tweaking its famously combative, albeit much smaller, rival. In one Internet banner ad,

MOY: Heineken’s Steve Davis – It’s All About the Beer Ads

Marketers Of The Year Heineken’s marketer has set himself the delicate task of taking the high-end import brew just a teenie bit off its pedestal by keying ads to ‘beer moments’ and recruiting Austin Powers. Steve Davis is first to admit the paradoxical nature of his mandate to grow Heineken Beer, whose iconic green bottle has rested at the pinnacle of U.S. prestige and elegance in what has generally been regarded as a blue-collar category. “It’s