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Sports Illustrated Pieces Set for Globe and Mail Run

Sports Illustrated Pieces Set for Globe and Mail Run Sports Illustrated and The Globe and Mail of Toronto have signed a one-year licensing deal that gives Canada’s national newspaper the right to run SI pieces in the pa-per’s sports section. Financial terms were not disclosed. The agreement is part of SI’s continuing effort to extend its brand internationally. Last September, the magazine signed a similar deal with Diario AS, a daily sports newspaper in Spain; under

Washington: The Story That Got Away

‘Newsweek’ loses a scoop; ‘The Washington Post’ finds it and scores As what may become the biggest news story of the decade-the Clinton-intern scandal-began to break late last Tuesday night, there were clear winners and losers among the major news organizations. The biggest winner-by far-was The Washington Post, which got the story into its Wed. Jan. 21 edition, the only newspaper in the country to do so. “We couldn’t believe we had it by ourselves,” said

Network TV: NBC May Air Cable Nets

CNBC, MSNBC could be offered for carriage on digital channels NBC is considering putting MSNBC and CNBC, its two cable channels, on over-the-air, digital TV at its TV stations and affiliates, according to an executive at an NBC affiliate. The idea of broadcasting the cable channels came up in a speech by NBC network president Neil Braun, speaking about the digital future and the network’s options. “The idea of affiliates carrying [MSNBC and CNBC] has been

Magazines: Motley Arrives as Life Buoy

Within ‘world of wonder,’ another editor maps new direction Is it the end of Life as we know it? Within the span of a week, 15 employees-nearly one-third of the monthly’s staff-learned they were out of a job. Those who got walking papers included the director of design, the picture editor and the chief of reporters. Other reporting and writing positions were also chopped. To cap it off, assistant managing editor and director of photography David

Washington: Hard News Is Good to Find

CBS and ABC make their newscasts harder while NBC’s news aims to be more relevant About 10 years ago, an obstetrician named Leboyer started a craze in delivering babies. He said that newborns were traumatized by traditional births in brightly lit room, surrounded by chaos and cacophony culminating with a slap on the butt. He recommended the Laboyer method: a tepid bath, dim lights and gentle music to ease the babe into the world. While Laboyer’s

Cable TV: The Road More Traveled

In a survival mode, Discovery makes Travel free until 2000 Discovery Communications is offering affiliates free Travel. Not a ticket to Bermuda, but a license-fee free Travel Channel to affiliates for three years as Discovery hopes to get the network back on the map. Under terms of the new deal, both existing and new affiliates will get the network free until 2000. After 2000, a long-term fee deal will kick in. Travel Channel, bought by Discovery