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10 Easy Steps To A Friendly Voice Mail System

Just as a dress code, office design or responsive service gives customers an impression of a company, so does its phone system. “A well-designed phone system is fast, easy to use, cost effective and, most important, `caller-friendly,'” claims Maria DeMarco, director of California-based Pacific Bell Voice Mail. “Pinball phone systems drive callers crazy — torture by telephone is definitely passe.” The key, DeMarco notes, is keeping your caller in mind — whether you’re planning a simple

Cover Story: Where The Girls Are

The affection CEO Nancy Deyo feels toward Barbie rivals that of any young girl. It’s in the wake of Barbie Fashion Designer that Purple Moon’s “Rockett” has taken off. For that, Deyo thanks her lucky stars. Nancy Deyo has more than a touch of the Girl Scout leader about her. This 37-year-old president and CEO of Purple Moon, the Mountain View, Calif.-based startup that devises “adventure” software and other entertainment for prepubescent girls, has even been

Super Bowl Smorgasbord

Site: Super Bowl Demographic Target: Men, ages 14 and up Psychographic Target: Sports fans Almost every organized religion has a feast day, a day in which people relax their inhibitions, gorge themselves and celebrate. American men have their own version of this practice, which, of course, is the annual rite known as Super Bowl Sunday. This combination of sport, tribal gatherings of rutting males, and fatty food goes beyond just a mere football game. In

If/Then: Know Your E-Rights

Agent Software Puts A Price Tag On Personal Data For most of the Web’s short but fitful life as a commercial medium, the subject of property rights has been confined to one issue: how to protect the copyrights of content creators whose work can be effortlessly moved, stored and regenerated across the digital universe. Lawyers are billing overtime on this issue, since everyone from a garage hacker to Time Warner is keen on preserving whatever value

Thinking (& Acting) Big: Local Advertising Is A Huge Frontier…

Local Advertising Is A Huge Frontier For The Web. Kris Hagerman is staking it out early. On the ground floor of a San Francisco warehouse office, Danja Girl roller blades from cubicle to cubicle, relaying messages and delivering paper work. Dressed in baby-doll pink, a silver hoop in her left nostril, she seems like a woodland pixie breezing by, humming a jaunty tune under her breath. Despite her exotic name and looks, she’s actually the assistant

Anatomy Of An Interactive Ad: Web Slice – Pizza Hut

To plug its “totally new pizza,” Pizza Hut decided to focus solely on its SportsZone audience. HISTORY The strategies behind advertising pizza on the Internet are hardly on the level of Cold War espionage. Then again, the way Pizza Hut and its agency, BBDO, planned and then executed its latest maneuver, you’d think they came close to that degree of secrecy and intrigue. Sales of America’s favorite fast food is ultra-competitive-pizza is a $20-billion-plus category, and