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Customer-Focused Success One Account At A Time

Customer-Focused Success One Account At A Time

Becoming a customer-focused, one-to-one enterprise is not something that will ever be fully “achieved.” Being customer-focused is not a destination for a company, but a direction in which to point the business. And you’d be in good company, customer focused companies make up some of the largest companies around the globe.  According to Talk desk, if you want to join the ranks customer-focused success like Amazon, Apple, USAA, Hilton, and Marriot one day you’ve got to

Content Length: Are Long Posts Really Better For SEO?

What’s The Ideal Article Or Blog Post Length For SEO? When it comes to seach engine optimization/ SEO thousands of people have asked and are asking the same question. How many words should your web pages have for the best ranking? One of my article writers raised her concern that her articles might not be ranking well on the search engines because they were short. She said further that after the Penguin and Panda updates, that

Tips on How to Start a Water Restoration Business

How To Start A Water Restoration Business Finding out how to begin a water restoration business is not nearly as difficult as a lot of people make it out to be. In fact, many businesses have been started this way. A individual wants to do something for a good cause – such as saving the environment, stopping the spread of disorder, or any number of other worthy causes. But when someone learns how to begin a

Water Damage Repair Highland Village, TX: What You Need to Know

Water Damage Repair Highland Village, TX: What You Need to Know Water damage is a significant problem. According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage accounts for more than 10% of all home insurance claims. Water damage is the number one cause of property damage and home insurance claims in the United States, costing an average of $3,400 per claim. The good news is that water damage repair is something that anyone can do. The bad
Small Businesses Need Content Marketing

Small Businesses Need Content Marketing

Content marketing has many benefits three of which are increases in sales, more savings, and you build loyal customers. For some time, paid advertising has is used as a reliable strategy to attract new customers. Unfortunately, paid ads are less active. Today’s consumer does not want to be sold openly; They want to learn about a company or a product organically and find out if it fits their needs at their own pace. “Content marketing is

Marqui Management Business Management Consulting

Marqui Management Marqui Management has proven to be award-winning business management consulting and marketing management services company located in Allen, TX. Led by CEO D’Vaughn Bell Marqui Management helps businesses and professionals grow. With appearances on sites like Forbes, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Inc., and more the fast-growing consulting firm based in a northern suburb of Dallas, Texas shows no signs of slowing down. Marqui Management is a full-service consulting and marketing firm meaning it provides clients