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Studios Put Sets On The Auction Block

Props For Sale Feature films are rarely launched without a companion Website. The latest offer not only a sneak peek at the trailer and other tidbits, but the chance to buy a real piece of the action through online auctions. Think eBay, Hollywood-style. Like Brad Pitt’s outfit in a fight scene? Now you can bid for it, sweat stains and all. Even though such auctions generate a mere pittance in the world of moviemaking, they do

Bringing Down The House Ad

Sites struggle with blank banners Just because online advertising is a revenue bust doesn’t mean there are fewer ads crowding your Web browser. The number of online “house” advertisements, self-promotional banners placed by a host site, are on the rise, according to Jupiter Media Metrix, an Internet analysis firm. On some sites, particularly those devoted to gaming and entertainment, as many as 30 percent of the banners are self-referential. Portals and news sites place house ads

Elevator Ads Take Riders To New Heights

Averted eye contact and awkward silences will soon become a thing of the past if a company billing itself as an elevator media network has its way. Captivate Network claims to uplift the elevator rider’s experience by providing more to look at than the backs of people’s heads or blinking floor numbers. Captivate accomplishes this by installing flat-panel video screens in elevators of high-rise office towers. These 12-inch devices serve as a wireless platform for delivering

3 Big Lessons From the Online Gambling Industry

There’s a big difference between Internet blackjack and the rest of the business world, but some management tenets apply even outside the e-casino. Everyone knows that online pornography is a huge business — so inescapably big that if there’s a mailbox still unspammed by XXX HOT CHICKS XXX, I’d love to meet whoever designed its firewall. But vice has spawned another huge online business, and I don’t mean the market for laser-printer toner. I’m talking about

Five Questions with Michele Thompson

BMD Media Consulting’s CEO wields an analogy-laden vernacular to describe her firm’s Web services strategy. Web services firms such as BMD Media Consulting have long attached adjectives like “revolutionary” and “disruptive” to business webs, or the concept of breaking down your company’s products and services into chunks, combining them with other assets and reselling them as entirely new products. Given current market conditions, revolution and disruption are possibly the last things on the minds of most

Nevada Steps Up to Internet Gambling

Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Betting on basic human impulses. Nevada took a major step toward legalizing online gambling this week when its legislature voted to let the Nevada Gaming Commission license casinos to operate on the Web. It’s unclear exactly when Internet gambling will become legal, but the expected move could translate into even bigger bucks for casinos and a new outlet for those addicted to games, horse races, and lotteries. And it’s one