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Positive Signs for the Ad Industry

It may be small, but at least it’s a positive figure for the struggling advertising industry where a report from Global Insight, Inc. finds that the U.S. ad market should experience a 6 percent increase in 2003. Driven by corporate profits, retail sales, and consumer disposable income, the advertising industry could be poised for successive years of growth, peaking in 2003, and then declining slightly every year through 2006. Global Insight predicts that the largest growth

How To Write Copy You Ask?

We are now some eight years into the Internet as a commercial medium. In that time, we’ve seen bandwidth expand, raw computing power grow exponentially and dot-coms come and go. You’d think that by now companies would have wised up to the fact that, in order to be successful, attention must be paid to what goes up on that computer screen. No such luck. Related: Tips For Writing Copy That Sells As the authors astutely point

Effective Search Engine Design

Representatives from Google, Yahoo, and Lycos share insights into how they design for their users, and what users search for when they visit the major web navigation portals. Google Marissa Mayer, Software Engineer from Google, started things off by explaining that their major focus is their users. The three main tools they use to design for them are user studies, statistical analysis, and experimentation. Mayer stated that since 2000, Google has frequently utilized user studies to
Search Engine Marketing Boosts ROI For B2B Websites

Search Engine Marketing Boosts ROI For B2B Websites

Many Business-to-Business websites don’t bother with search engine marketing, and that’s an expensive — and possibly fatal mistake, according to a panel of experts. “If you run a T.V. ad and your customers can’t find you on Yahoo!, you lose validity as a vendor,” said Barbara Coll, CEO of the SEO firm WebMama, Inc. “An enterprise sell requires the support of every available tool.” With that declaration, the Business to Business Forum audience discovered the answer

Are Rich Media Standards A Mistake?

In August of 2001, the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Rich Media Task Force set forth voluntary guidelines for the use of rich media in online ads, and it pledged to “reconvene in six months to 12 months to add new voluntary guidelines or adjust the guidelines as appropriate.” A lot of things have happened since August of 2001, but the issuance of new guidelines hasn’t been one of them. Impatient (and arguably pursuing its own agenda) rich

Outsourcing Valuable to Biz

Many enterprises looking to cut costs are considering e-sourcing as an option, but the process may not significantly increase return on investment. Using Web-based applications, decision-support tools, and associated services, Aberdeen Group expects e-sourcing to flourish from $820 million in 2001 to approximately $3.1 billion by 2005 in the U.S. and Europe, representing a compound annual growth rate of 39.8 percent. “Facing an unstable economic environment, enterprises have been allured by e-sourcing ability to rapidly deliver