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Extensions: P&G Puts Pantene on Dandruff Beat

Pantene, the No. 1 haircare brand in the country, will get its first-ever price increase and $28.5 million in new spending: half on a new heat-activated conditioner and the other half on the brand’s first-ever foray into anti-dandruff haircare, Pro-V Anti-Dandruff. Pantene Anti-Dandruff will be backed by $14.5 million in advertising, as the company looks to make a distinctly feminine imprint on what has been broadly perceived as a more sterile medicinal shampoo category. Procter this

Sports Marketing: Tackled on Film

Sports Marketing: Tackled on Film Looking to tie in with the NFL with a football related ad? NFL Films, long the creator and guardian of the most grunt-filled sports highlights on TV, just may be able to help your brand. The “Immaculate Reception” of Pittsburgh Steeler Franco Harris. Dwight Clark’s catch that began the San Francisco 49ers memorable Super Bowl run. Joe Namath waggling his finger as he ran off the field to indicate his New

Category Wars: 1997 Not History Yet, as Marketers Ready…

Category Wars: 1997 Not History Yet, as Marketers Ready Their Spin on Who Was No. 1 The year 1997 may be over but it’s far from being just a memory yet, as marketers maneuver for bragging rights in anticipation of the compilation of segment data showing just who was the sales leader in their respective categories. In what has become an annual ritual in many product categories, marketers from cars to imported beer to PCs are

By Design: Controversial Products Helped by Packaging

Great news for food marketers! Over the next decade, thanks to advances in food science, companies will bring to market foods that offer unprecedented breakthroughs, but also intimidating controversy. A prominent case in point: Procter & Gamble’s new branded ingredient, Olean®. Olean is the branded version of olestra, the first “non-fat” fat, which offers all the taste benefits associated with fattening products-mouth feel as well as taste-but with no calories because it passes through the body

The Fifth Networks’ Second Coming

The WB wants to provide family fare and UPN still lives on the urban edge, but both are chasing after the Fox Upfronts for young networks are like cheerleading tryouts. Rumination, best foot forward, claws ready in case the blonde on the left drops her pom-pom. Nowhere was that more evident than in the sparring between UPN and The WB. With the 1997-98 season unveiled, the two networks-both born in 1995-have made it through adolescence and

Syndicators Exit Upfront Smelling Like a Rosie

Emmy-winning talk show sets tone for the market’s rich pricing To the rich go the spoils. “A-list” syndicated series, such as King World’s Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy! and The Oprah Winfrey Show, own the best time-period real estate, allowing them to dominate each upfront ad sales market. Yet syndicators often look to other market leaders to set pricing in the market. At the recently concluded syndication upfront, it was The Rosie O’Donnell Show that joined the