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Taking Your Business On The Road

If you spend 50 percent of your time away from your desk, you are one of 28 million American business people who find that meeting clients and taking action outside the office is essential to making their companies grow. Nevertheless, you still need instant access to information about your products and contracts wherever you are. In effect, you need to be able to take your office on the road with you. When the first issue of

Targeting The Youth Market

Taking a trip to the local shopping mall any Saturday afternoon provides all the evidence you need that kids represent the fastest-growing market in the U.S. today. Armed with paychecks, allowances and gifts from grandma, teens alone are laying out approximately $95 billion a year. And their younger siblings, ages four to 12, are spending an astounding $14.4 billion annually and influencing other household purchases to the tune of $132 billion. If these numbers are music

Disaster Planning & Recovery: Expecting The Unexpected

The debris of Hurricane Andrew, the ashes of the Los Angeles riots, the mud of the 1993 floods in the Midwest, and California’s major earthquakes vividly remind us of the toll – both emotional and monetary – that disasters can wreak on business. While you can’t stop the physical forces of nature, you can plan ahead to mitigate their devastation. Thinking about disasters before they hit can help save a company’s resources, protect the safety of

Boosting Employee Morale

When consultant Roger E. Herman hears small business owners complain that “people go where the money is,” he quickly retorts: “False! All the studies show otherwise.” He points to a Robert Half International survey which demonstrates that “compensation is not the predominant reason why people leave their jobs for supposedly greener pastures.” Instead, asserts Herman, “People are hungry for opportunities to grow into their jobs. They crave advancement, both in position and stature, and in responsibility

Managing Your Business Finances

As a small business owner, you’re expected to be an expert on everything from product management to strategic planning, marketing and finance. But in today’s changing economy, understanding it all is much harder, especially when weighing the many financing options that can make or break your company. When mystery is removed from business finance, entrepreneurs gain the insight needed to seize opportunities, sustain growth, maintain tight control over their company’s direction, and avoid setbacks. Financial planning,