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MOY: Gatorade’s Sue Wellington – She’s Got Game

Marketers Of The Year Like Gatorade endorser Michael Jordan, Sue Wellington simply steps up her game as the challenges intensify. Great ads and deft extensions have garnered the brand a $1.5 billion “niche.” How imbued is Sue Wellington with the Gatorade brand and its hypercompetitive ethos? Well, in the TV commercials that the former All American swimmer from Yale airs behind the brand, the athletes sweat-maybe even bleed-Gatorade, in all its fluorescent-hued glory. As for her

MOY: ABC’s Alan Cohen & Mike Benson – Playin’ in the Brand

Marketers Of The Year TV doesn’t stop. For 52 weeks each year, ABC’s top marketing duo works to give the network’s stars some extra wattage and its ratings a boost. Just don’t try calling them yellow. In the weeks leading up to the fall 2000 TV season, executives at ABC were brimming with confidence. The network that blew from a distant third to first place in a single year couldn’t help but feel that momentum was

MOY: Yoplait’s Ian Friendly – Groove Tube

Marketers of the Year Toothpaste, yes. But yogurt? Product innovation, snappy ads and heavy sampling are bringing kids into the mix of Yoplait’s Go-Gurt. Moms everywhere are saying, ‘Thanks for the tube.’ It’s not that the idea of putting yogurt in a tube is such a novel idea by itself,” said Ian Friendly. “The magic in Go-Gurt was how the team executed every aspect of the project.” Others may debate whether the General Mills exec is

MOY: New Balance’s Jim Davis & Paul Heffernan – Sneaks Attack

Marketers of the Year Quick: name a hot teen fashion item that’s gray, extra wide and completely lacking in deep pockets. Answer: that darling of over-30 joggers, New Balance. Focus, and deft trade work, got it there. It was the height of the back-to-school selling season at the Foot Locker store inside the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. Over the space of 90 minutes, even someone with just a little knowledge of the shoe industry could

Grand Marketer of the Year – Nokia’s Matt Wisk – Fashion Statement

Marketers Of The Year A sleek new cellular phone may not be the average person’s idea of a must-have accessory, but Nokia found a way to mix style and substance with great results. The revival of the provocative musical Cabaret on Broadway in May 1999 took place at the reopened Studio 54, the notorious nightclub where the rich and famous once gathered to party and consume copious amounts of drugs. Amid the repackaged decadence, the handpicked

Marketers Of The Year: Finance Goes Public

With so many Americans obsessed with financial news and invested in the stock market, events like IPOs now represent irresistible brand-building opportunities. As a result, Wall Street has become ground zero for often-bizarre marketing stunts. For those of you who think you’ve yet to earn your stripes as a charter member of the New Economy, consider the following questions: Do you check stock quotes or track mutual fund growth on the Web? Do you subscribe to