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Financing Options For Small Businesses

For the vast majority of businesses, loan financing comes from private banks. As what a lender is able to offer varies signifi- cantly from bank to bank in terms of cost and size of loan, as well as repayment schedule, it is advisable to shop around at several lending institutions (both large and small) for capital. Also keep in mind that while small independent banks have long been committed to financing community- based firms, several major

Buying Insurance For Your Small Business

Every year small businesses and their employees spend billions of dollars for a promise — a promise that if certain things go wrong, their insurance company will step in and provide financial relief. It’s a significant expense for something they can’t really see, but which protects their very existence. Because insurance is invisible, complex and can differ widely from one business to another, it’s hard to know if you have the right coverage in the right

Future Flux An Outlook Of Change

In a century that moved our transportation from horse trails to interplanetary trajectories, changed our communications tools from quill pens to computers, and took our culture from bacon and beans to sushi and burritos, some people think they’ve seen it all. But, futurists say, the winds of change witnessed in the 1900s are a summer’s breeze compared to the hurricane that lies ahead. The 21st century, they claim, will bring unprecedented transformation to the world in

How To Keep Your Website’s Cookies From Going Stale

Stale Cookies Cookies are an aspect of the web that has caused more discussion and confusion than anyone ever imagined. Those tiny bits of data that websites store on computers are used to track people as they move about the web and to identify people when they return to a site. However, recently some web cookies have been going stale and disappearing, but we can take steps to keep them fresh. Cookies have helped us overcome

Desktop Publishing: The Future Is Now

Doug Miles, who owns and manages an apartment house in Ellensburg, Washington, uses his computer system to create attractive, professional signs like “Out of Order” and “Don’t Slam the Laundry Room Door,” as well as rental applications, agreements, notices and building rules. He also generates large type templates for professional sign makers to use as style guides when they produce more permanent signage for the property. Binnie Perper, owner of Writing By Design, a copywriting and

Taking Your Business On The Road

If you spend 50 percent of your time away from your desk, you are one of 28 million American business people who find that meeting clients and taking action outside the office is essential to making their companies grow. Nevertheless, you still need instant access to information about your products and contracts wherever you are. In effect, you need to be able to take your office on the road with you. When the first issue of