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Boosting Employee Morale

When consultant Roger E. Herman hears small business owners complain that “people go where the money is,” he quickly retorts: “False! All the studies show otherwise.” He points to a Robert Half International survey which demonstrates that “compensation is not the predominant reason why people leave their jobs for supposedly greener pastures.” Instead, asserts Herman, “People are hungry for opportunities to grow into their jobs. They crave advancement, both in position and stature, and in responsibility

Substance Abuse In The Workplace

What problem costs the American economy more than $100 billion every year? What problem causes employers to incur a 300 percent increase in medical costs and benefits? What problem is being addressed by large companies but neglected by small businesses? The answer is substance abuse in the workplace, including alcohol abuse as well as illicit drug use. And it’s a bottom line issue that is only getting worse for our nation’s small business owners. Research shows

Learning To Cope With Stress: The Malady Of Modern Society

“Work, work, work, work, work.” – Mel Brooks In his movie, Blazing Saddles, famed actor-director Mel Brooks plays a simple-minded sheriff who scurries from one task to another, all the while muttering his work mantra. While they’re certainly not engaged in the same types of activities such as rounding up errant citizenry, many entrepreneurs can relate to the sheriff’s feelings of being overextended. Running a business is no small feat, and business owners are often driven