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Dell Just Became The Highest PC Seller

Compaq dethroned; overall U.S. PC sales dip 3.5 percent Amid an international downturn in personal computer sales, Dell (DELL, info) has gained enough market share to dethrone Compaq (CPQ, info) as the world’s leading PC seller, according to the preliminary results of the newest study by Dataquest, a unit of Gartner Group (IT, info). Overall PC sales in the United States fell 3.5 percent from the same period a year ago, due to the sluggish economy

Project Ironman: The Technological Engine of Change

Customization and collaboration are the latest watchwords in the automotive industry, as new technology enables manufacturers to work together to build personalized vehicles. On a patch of dirty sand beside the Pacific stands a car that claims to represent the future of the motor industry. This seems strange, since only 500 will be made in the first year, at a cost of #61,500 each. What’s more, it appears to be made out of Meccano. The outrageously

Shock Troops / The Tech Man

Mojo Risin’? – Armed with new ad serving technology, Gregory Raifman aims to take Mediaplex to the next level. Keeping an Internet firm afloat means keeping it flexible. A company must be able to advance its technology, alter its products and stay one step ahead of the ever-changing Net. If anyone knows this, it’s Gregory Raifman, CEO and president of Mediaplex, a San Francisco-based advertising technology firm. Since co-founding the company in 1996, Raifman has morphed

Radically New E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Radical Communications lets e-marketers deliver audio and video e-mail messages. Get ready for your inbox to be clogged. No one is more excited about broadband Internet access than online marketers. Who can blame them? On the Internet, advertisers have been confined to the narrow windows of banner ads and the austere limitations of text e-mail (like the ads carried in The Defogger and other eCompany Now newsletters). You can almost feel the advertisers’ desperation as they

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Tech Partners

NOCpulse lets you monitor your Web servers — even if they belong to your outsourcer. The Web has never been easy, and much to the chagrin of managers everywhere, it only seems to get thornier. Costs are nearly impossible to gauge, personnel is hard to lure and keep, and training is a perpetual migraine. So it’s no real surprise that savvy Web executives have flung open the doors to an army of outsourcers who can help

Next-Generation Wireless: No Panacea

Think the cellular providers will surely learn from their current quagmire? Think again. Judging from the money, effort–and hype–expended for its development, the third generation (3G) of wireless services due to roll out around the world later this year should usher in an era of go-anywhere, do-anything communications. Third-generation (analog is cellular’s first generation; current digital systems are the second, and future high-speed digital wireless will be the third) wireless systems will transmit data at hundreds