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Credit Card Tricks to Save More Money

Statistics show that Americans have an undying love for plastic. The plastic I’m referring to right now are credit cards. Sorry ladies, well, actually, housewives might end up thanking me for this. Nearly 81% of American households have at least one credit card. People see these as the most convenient tool for shopping and paying bills and you can pay that back over time. Live today, worry tomorrow, that’s the American way, what’s not to love,

Tips on How to Save More Money On Gas

With today’s economy, it’s tough trying to save money on gas. Gas prices are consistently increasing and some people are finding that they can’t afford to keep spending absurd amounts of money on gasoline. If you are able to lessen your fuel consumption you’ll be able to save more money, which will allow you to logically and safely invest more money, perhaps back into these oil stocks? If you own a truck or SUV and are

Why High-Interest Savings Accounts?

Perhaps the main reason anyone opens a bank account is to save money. Every savings accounts will yield you, the account holder, some form of interest on the amount you deposit into the account. The amount of interest depends on the rate of interest that particular financial institution provides.  Why do high-interest savings accounts seem more attractive? Some accounts provide a higher interest rate, which means better or more savings. Especially, in an economy where inflation