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Investing & Running Your Own Screen Play

Not sold on our tech-stock picks? No problem: The Web offers plenty of ways to find your own candidates. Here are three good ways to research and find the best prospects. 1 Shadow the Fund Managers Why waste time screening and researching if you can get mutual fund managers to do the work for you? Fund managers spend all day researching investment opportunities and have access to more information than you’ll ever see. Although analyst recommendations

Getting Paid What You’re Owed

Are your clients using vendor capital to finance their expenses or businesses? Vendor capital’s only similarity to venture capital is that it comes from outside. When a customer puts off paying your account for 120 days, you are making a four-month interest-free loan you can ill afford. Even worse, it becomes an outright grant if you, the vendor, aren’t able to collect at all. When customers are squeezing extra weeks and months out of their payables,

Online Brokerage Wars Are No Laughing Matter

Online broker Ameritrade has a reputation for entertaining television ads. So, too, has rival E-Trade. But their stocks have turned in less-than-amusing performance. Just look at how these brokerages performed after reporting results that exceeded even the most optimistic expectations. In the first quarter, Ameritrade netted 306,000 new accounts — nearly equal to the 332,000 new accounts it tallied in all of 1999. Still, the stock price dropped — along with the rest of the Nasdaq

Financing Options For Small Businesses

For the vast majority of businesses, loan financing comes from private banks. As what a lender is able to offer varies signifi- cantly from bank to bank in terms of cost and size of loan, as well as repayment schedule, it is advisable to shop around at several lending institutions (both large and small) for capital. Also keep in mind that while small independent banks have long been committed to financing community- based firms, several major

Managing Your Business Finances

As a small business owner, you’re expected to be an expert on everything from product management to strategic planning, marketing and finance. But in today’s changing economy, understanding it all is much harder, especially when weighing the many financing options that can make or break your company. When mystery is removed from business finance, entrepreneurs gain the insight needed to seize opportunities, sustain growth, maintain tight control over their company’s direction, and avoid setbacks. Financial planning,