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The Golden Years. Way Out West – Android Game

Use your business acumen to tame the Wild West in The Golden Years: Way Out West, a charming strategy game! As you use your business acumen to beat every penny in your investment, you help an iron woman and her young son overcome the greasy maneuvers of a greedy old-fashioned crack and save her innocent husband from life behind bars. Cross challenging levels and save the day in the golden years: the way to the west!

Dangerous – Android Game

Dangerous – an excellent space RPG in which you must plow open spaces in a series of galaxies in the vast universe and fight evil in the face of aggressive aliens. You are a person accused of the death of more than one million people and sentenced to death in cryocapsules. After several centuries in this cryo camera, the day you had to wake up came by. The aliens have found the portals that lead from

Heroes of Might and Magic III

The heroes of the third magic and its additions: Armageddon’s blade and the shadow of death Murder, betrayal, resurrection, cruel fights and ultimately freedom! When King Gryphonheart of Artia was assassinated by traitors he was resurrected as a dead commander who leads to a brutal invasion of his former kingdom. The little opposition meets until his daughter Catherine, the queen of Anarut, returns to her homeland and commands an army of Enrote fighters. Meanwhile the Necromancers