Tips for Growing Your Church Using a Blog Platform

What exactly is Church Marketing?

Church marketing is an organized set of strategies and best practices which churches employ to promote their products and services over the Internet. It is an effort to grow the church membership on a local, regional, and global scale. Using well-established Church Marketing Strategies can significantly assist a church in increasing their membership and drawing new members to their area or website.

Google My Business is an online community for small business owners.

It is free to join and easy to use with its polished user interface and intuitive search engine results page. It provides many of the same features as the popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, while offering much more. Google My Business has many functions that can be customized for your church marketing needs such as allowing users to sign up and upload information for blogs and profiles. They also offer a Google Check-In function that enables church members to post their church events and activities to their Google+ account through the My Account feature.

  • Google Website Solution is a great free consultation for small to medium-sized church organizations. 
  • It offers five different website builders, an online community forum, a blog, a newsletter, and an online portfolio. 

There are many other additional services such as online prayer requests, sharing photos and videos, and tracking organic ratings and comments. 

Google Website Solution is available in different language versions and is an excellent online free consultation for church marketing.

Google Webmaster Central is the go-to place for any questions, issues, or concerns about Google Webmaster Tools.

This is where every church website’s troubleshooting problems are solved! The most common problems include a website not opening, slow loading pages, broken links, error messages, invalid domain names, and more. Please note: this service is not provided as a free service; however, you may use Google Webmaster Central for informational purposes.

Microsoft Internet Explorer is widely used by most people worldwide.

As such, it is a very popular and versatile web browser. Unfortunately, Microsoft Internet Explorer is not compatible with most Christian church website needs, such as a website solution that requires a flash player. Before you purchase a new platform, check first that your church network can still support Microsoft Internet Explorer.

GoDaddy is one of the most widely used website builders, but has recently been rated as unreliable. This is mainly because there is no backup, and there is no support available for the site builder. If you run a very unique church website, it is likely that you will need to find another solution. However, GoDaddy is still a good option because of its solid functionality and an affordable price tag.

Drag-and-drop editor.

If you are not sure if faith connector is the right choice for your church, then you have to check out the drag-and-drop editor. With a faith connector, users are given the ability to quickly set up, customize and change any aspect of the church’s website. Furthermore, every change made is saved in the website builder so you can undo if you are ever need to make changes on the future. This feature makes it easier and faster to make changes to the website. If you don’t like what you see, you delete the old layout and start over.

Website builder.

If you are thinking about how you can grow your church using the Internet, you have to check out Marqui Management. Marqui Management gives you the power to grow your church by providing a website design solution that can grow with your church. Marqui Management also has an excellent help tool for those who need website developers, designers, and marketers. The website maker doesn’t require a significant investment, and it gives you unlimited free website design templates so you can start building the website of your dreams.

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