Tips for Creating Your Church Marketing Strategy

Creating A Church Marketing Strategy To Attract & Retain New Members

Church marketing plans are geared toward attracting more members to a church and hopefully, turning them into new members or potential donors of the church itself. This is the objective of every church in existence. However, church marketing plans are rarely limited to just one particular outlet but rather come in conjunction with a variety of different strategic initiatives. In this way, churches can grow their business in several different ways by focusing on a few key venues. Here are some church marketing tips tailored for SEO-friendly website design:

One of the most critical parts of any church marketing strategy is to get its name out. This involves building a recognizable brand name that people can easily remember and associate with the church. A great place to start is by using popular search terms to find information about your church. “Why Are My Eyes stingy?” -Thelma Smith. Or “I Was Born in the Church.”

A great church marketing strategy tip to incorporate is to offer free eBooks about your church online. Some church marketing plan ideas include: using video to discuss church teachings and beliefs, hosting a podcast, teaching a class, etc. Another idea is to offer free services to visitors. An example would be a homeless shelter where members could volunteer their time for a gift. You can use videos, podcasts, etc.

Building a solid presence with social media and incorporating a consistent message across multiple platforms is essential to a healthy church marketing strategy. The internet offers many outlets for sharing information. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – are only a few examples. Many churches find it beneficial to have a presence on each of these platforms. YouTube is a highly rated social media site, so having a video regarding bible stories or services can generate hits in addition to followers.

There are several ways to leverage social media to promote your church. Through website design, blogs, forums and more, churches can take advantage of the potential to connect with members, past and present. Blogs allow for easy blog posting. Having a website that has current information about church activities and church events can help potential members find information on church activities as well. Forums are another place to network and interact with other church leaders and church members.

A very powerful church marketing strategy tip includes video production. This is an especially powerful way to reach out to members and the community at large. Churches should consider purchasing a professionally made video about their faith. You could screen capture the video and upload it to YouTube, Google video, etc. YouTube is the second highest-ranked search engine in the world, so you may want to consider using this strategy.

Another church marketing strategy tip is to keep the church website updated with news and current events. Having information online is the best way to reach out to church members in need of direction and teachings. You should also keep your church website highly visible in all of the various search engines. You should post news items on a regular basis so that church members will be aware of any upcoming events or activities. For example, you can post news of special church events on a regular basis.

These strategies will help your church marketing plan become a reality. However, there is one thing that most churches forget. They should focus on generating new members and build long term relationships within the community. Churches must stay relevant and exciting to their communities. This will provide a lasting effect on their churches and organizations.

Posted by on March 21, 1998