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5 Tips To Enhance Your Win Percentage

How to increase the winning probability of your trades with just five simple tips Although your winning trade percentage is an irrelevant statistic when it comes to your profitability, it does help when you’re starting out, to have the motivational boost when trading. Forex traders struggling to find their way or suffer too many losses can take these five steps to change their results. For many new Forex traders (or any trader, for that matter) the

How Much To Expect From Trading Forex

It’s depressing to see the amount of garbage information out there. Forex is an opportunity that many people are going to lose sight of. Most people become blind-sided by the false claims and promises, and want to be millionaires overnight or even within their first year of trading. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but be realistic. Realistic Income Goals for Trading Forex If it would take 2 to 3 years of commitment, studying a few hours

The Cold Truth About Forex Strategies

If you’re like most people in the foreign exchange market, you’ve invested countless hours, researching and crawling all depths of the internet. And for what? Are you currently a successful trader? If so, then this post isn’t necessarily for you. Although, how do you know if you are a successful trader? Ask yourself the following questions: Are you currently employed by someone else? Have you been trading for at least six months to a year? During

My Top 13 Motivational Forex Quotes

Trading is among the toughest professions in the world, especially trading Forex. Foreign Exchange trading requires patience, discipline, persistence, and confidence while remaining humble to the markets. Greed and fear are what usually kill the retail traders account. But don’t take my word for it. Read these 13 Motivational Forex Quotes from Successful Traders. These experts are millionaires and billionaires. They know what they are talking about. You can either get out a notepad and write

8 Essential Benefits of Trading Forex

What are the benefits of trading Forex? Forex stands for foreign exchange or currency trading, it’s a global market, incredibly liquid, with a vast daily trading volume. As with many investments, foreign exchange trading is not for the faint-hearted or the novice trader. That said, there are many benefits of trading Forex that give the Forex market some unique benefits after you’ve learned the ropes. What are some of the many benefits and advantages of trading

Top 5 Successful Forex Billionaires

The Forex Market is increasing in popularity, growing over 300% in the last 15 years. As more and more people are taking to this investment platform to build portfolios in the hopes of making millions, we have our eyes set on the billions. Many have made their millions in this financial sector and many are still profiting, but very few have amounted to be worth billions. Foreign exchange is a very risky investment that requires patience,