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5 Forex Millionaire Success Stories

Surprisingly Forex has been around since the beginning of time. Foreign Exchange is a concept that most likely started with cavemen. Just imagine if you were alive back then, starving, there’s nothing to eat until someone comes along with a few squirrels tied around their neck. To get one you would most likely have to exchange something, right? How about that bone necklace you made from your last kill? This concept isn’t anything new, yet many

Currency Market Myths & Market Makers

Contrary to popular rookie belief, Market Makers are not professional traders that your broker hires to trade against you and try to crash your account. Confusion arises for people who are new to trading because people want to know, are market makers for or against you. Simply put, to answer this common question, Market Makers whether individual or a firm, are actually there to help you. They are equally looking out for your best interest while

Currency Trading Economic Indicators

Define Economic Calendar: An economic calendar is a calendar that is widely used by traders for tracking various occurrences of major market-moving events. Good investors and traders will research specific events down to the exact date and time of the announcement. This holds a higher chance of profitability, depending on the level of impact the event or announcement will have on the general public, adversely affecting the direction the market will move in. In Forex or

How To Buy Shares In Marijuana Stocks

Here’s the thing, when multi-billionaire trader George Soros decides to support and invest in something, it’s almost a guarantee to be a great investment vehicle. Especially when he makes a few good points about the benefits and legalization of marijuana on the Wallstreet Journal. He’s invested over half a million dollars into the quickly rising markets, everyone wants a piece of the action but is this volatile market a safe place to invest? The marijuana industry