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Content Length: Are Long Posts Really Better For SEO?

What’s The Ideal Article Or Blog Post Length For SEO? When it comes to seach engine optimization/ SEO thousands of people have asked and are asking the same question. How many words should your web pages have for the best ranking? One of my article writers raised her concern that her articles might not be ranking well on the search engines because they were short. She said further that after the Penguin and Panda updates, that

SEO Allen TX Local Businesses Seek Higher Rankings

A quiet suburb just north of Dallas or one of Texas’ fastest growing cities? Allen, TX is a little of both. The Collin County city of Allen is home to some historical events, notable celebrities, and tourist attractions. With these amenities, it’s no wonder Allen is the 27th fastest growing city in the nation. Growth like this gives new opportunity for local businesses. Small and medium enterprises can expect to see increases in foot traffic to

Debt Settlement Search Engine Marketing & Advertising

Debt Settlement Marketing Search Engines Debt settlement marketing can take your debt settlement company to the next level. How do you know if you should “in-house” or outsource your debt settlement marketing efforts? Should you focus on offline or online marketing? We’ll explain all this in more, but to start, Marqui Management is the top debt settlement marketing company helping brands establish an online presence, generate more quality debt leads, and close more sales. Search Engine

Benefits Of Working With Marqui Management

Marqui Management Is A Brand Reputation Marketing Management Company Based in Allen, TX Marqui Management has been helping brands locally and globally for years. With decades of combined experience in the digital marketing field, it’s no wonder clients love and trust their services.  From marketing consulting, strategy, and implementation, to reputation management, public relations, search engine optimization, social media marketing, web design, branding, management consulting, and more, Marqui Management is becoming recognized as one of the

Effective Search Engine Design

Representatives from Google, Yahoo, and Lycos share insights into how they design for their users, and what users search for when they visit the major web navigation portals. Google Marissa Mayer, Software Engineer from Google, started things off by explaining that their major focus is their users. The three main tools they use to design for them are user studies, statistical analysis, and experimentation. Mayer stated that since 2000, Google has frequently utilized user studies to
Search Engine Marketing Boosts ROI For B2B Websites

Search Engine Marketing Boosts ROI For B2B Websites

Many Business-to-Business websites don’t bother with search engine marketing, and that’s an expensive — and possibly fatal mistake, according to a panel of experts. “If you run a T.V. ad and your customers can’t find you on Yahoo!, you lose validity as a vendor,” said Barbara Coll, CEO of the SEO firm WebMama, Inc. “An enterprise sell requires the support of every available tool.” With that declaration, the Business to Business Forum audience discovered the answer