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Today’s 5 Common Myths About Social Security

Without question, there are many misconceptions about the 2,728 social security laws and the many rules and exceptions to them. Nevertheless, a lot of misinformation is accepted as truth there. Understanding the specifics of the social security program is essential to a successful retirement. Here are some of the most common myths you probably believe but should not. MYTH 1: The retirement age is 65, which is the highest amount. Nope. The traditional retirement age was
5 Tips To Help Women Become Confident Investors

5 Tips To Help Women Become Confident Investors

“The idea of ​​investing may seem overwhelming, but women should recognize their earning potential and make their money work for them,” says Michele Thompson, a financial expert of Sandhill Finance with over twenty years of experience. We interviewed Michele here in 2008 concerning the real-estate market. “Women today have amazing earning potential,” she says. “We finish college at record prices, we are leading organizations, sometimes we are even the breadwinners for our families, so investing is

Navigating Through The Retirement Planning Maze

Bill Jones, founder and president of ABC Company, has decided his 15-person operation has reached the stage that it could support some kind of employee retirement plan. As a business owner, he wants to provide an additional incentive to retain key staff members. But Jones is also concerned about the effect of any retirement plan on the firm’s tax position and cash flow. And he doesn’t want to get in over his head with paperwork and