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8 Prototypes That Will Change The Future

8 Prototypes That Will Change The Future

Holographic smartphones and exoskeleton gloves to be able to feel using virtual reality (VR). In these prototypes of soon-to-be iconic products, you can still glimpse the sweat it took to build these breakthroughs presented this year at CHI 2016. Each year, the Association for Computing Machinery, the world’s most significant science and education computer company, meets to explore the future of computer interaction in a traditional conference called CHI. It’s a fantastic event where thousands of

Five Questions with Martin Cooper

Father of the cell phone. Martin Cooper invented the first commercial cellular phone in 1973 at Motorola. Today, billions of tiny descendants of Cooper’s off-white, football-sized prototype bleep the world over, for better or for worse. Now 72, Cooper is CEO of ArrayComm, a wireless-technology company based in San Jose, Calif. Why is the wireless industry in such disarray? The entire telecom industry is on the reverse side of a pendulum swing. Last year, the dot-com

Chips at Light Speed

New discoveries push optical computing closer to reality. Fiber optics swells bandwidth capacity wherever it replaces copper or aluminum wires. Without optical communications, the modern Internet and phone network could not exist. But computers and servers that depend on those networks are still tied down by metal-based technology. Now, however, a solution to that problem appears to be in sight-if not right around the corner. In the past six months, scientists have made a string of