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U.S. Daily Market Review

The Dow Jones started the session at record high levels as stocks and futures are further benefiting from Donald Trump’s election victory. Dow Jones registered the biggest gain since December 2011 and jumped to 18,918.68 on opening before slipping back. Financial stocks helped the rally, with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan among the biggest gainers. The broader S&P 500 index added 2.16 points to 2,166.61. Shares in automotive electronics-maker Harman International Industries jumped by a quarter

European Daily Market Review

European stocks and futures snapped a two-day dropping pattern as miners and banks rallied amid growing investors optimism that U.S. President-elect Donald Trump will spur growth in the world’s biggest economy. RWE AG jumped 1.6 % after posting earnings. Novartis AG gained 1.3 % after people familiar with the matter, reported the Swiss health-care company.U.K. stocks leaped in today’s session, with financial shares among the advancers, as the pound pulled back from a rally spurred by

Deutsche Bank V Forex Billionaire

A real lesson learned from a Forex billionaire, Deutsche Bank V Billionaire Forex Investor With $300 Million Lawsuit. The investor’s fund incurred massive losses in the foreign exchange markets and faced imminent margin calls. Billionaire Forex investor Alexander Vik was served a fresh lawsuit after being let off the hook by a New York judge on 9 March. The court ruled that Deutsche Bank AG did not adequately serve him a suit of an over $300
Why Global Currencies With Letter “Z”

Why Global Currencies With Letter “Z”

Why spell Global Currencies with the letter “z” at the end? This is a question many people have asked me in the past and wanted to give an update to this answer. Even the alphabet wants to know – “YZ.” The letter “Z” may be the last letter in alphabetical order, but it hasn’t always been last. It’s the last letter in the alphabet, why not have it as the last letter in the name of
Why Traders Use Credit Cards In Forex

Why Traders Use Credit Cards In Forex

Why have traders been using their Credit Cards as the primary payment method to fund their trading accounts? The answer is simple, and it’s a convenience thing. However, recently paying with your Credit Card (CC) for investing in the Forex and other speculative markets has become illegal in the U.S and is a crime the FBI has started to crack down. In other parts of the world, traders use this payment method because again it offers