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It’s Late: Do You Know Where Your Value Proposition Is?

A New Way of Thinking about Value Propositions Here’s a value proposition found on San Francisco’s Craigslist “Personals” section, entitled “The Girl You Marry”: Think librarian, beautiful but demure, 5’5″, slender, sexy, sharp as a tack and successful, but with a soft side, too. Nurturing but independent. Feminine but one of the guys at times. Former tomboy. Write me, but only if you have substance and only if you are real. Nearly everything we say or
Customer-Focused Success One Account At A Time

Customer-Focused Success One Account At A Time

Becoming a customer-focused, one-to-one enterprise is not something that will ever be fully “achieved.” Being customer-focused is not a destination for a company, but a direction in which to point the business. And you’d be in good company, customer focused companies make up some of the largest companies around the globe.  According to Talk desk, if you want to join the ranks customer-focused success like Amazon, Apple, USAA, Hilton, and Marriot one day you’ve got to

Developing Your Influence From Anywhere In The Organization

Developing Your Influence From Anywhere In The Organization Does that sound familiar? For those of you that are part of our 360 Degree Leadership group, that should sound very familiar since it’s the subtitle of the book we’re reading. If it doesn’t sound familiar, then you’d better get reading! This book is awesome. It’s not theory – it’s real stuff you can use right now. All the teachings are backed by people who’ve used the ideas.

What The Politics of “Change” Teaches Salespeople

What The Politics of “Change” Teaches Salespeople As we enter yet another Presidential election season, the politics of “change” have taken center stage (which they always do after eight years of any President). Both candidates are scurrying about trying to present a sharp image of change. There is a lesson that we, as salespeople, can learn from this Presidential election. As salespeople, we are also agents of change. After our prospects have been doing business with
Management Minds: What Makes a Great Leader?

Management Minds: What Makes a Great Leader?

We locked two of the smartest management thinkers on earth in a room with each other (and 275 readers) and asked them this question. Here’s how they answered. These have not been the best of times for executives whose titles start with C. One after another, the alpha dogs of the late 1990s have been paraded before Congress, their reputations shot, their shareholders all but wiped out, and the corporations they led revealed as figments of

Office Behavior: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

If doing good makes us feel good, why do people at work reliably resist the urge? The fact that people talk to journalists still fills me with childlike pleasure and surprise. There are so many risks — being misquoted, talking to someone whose skepticism is jaundiced rather than healthy, inadvertently letting some secret slip out. Sometimes people talk to pitch a product or a viewpoint, sure, but most people talk — amazingly enough — because they’re