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Under Legal Pressure: Litigation Overload

Under Legal Pressure: Litigation Overload

2001 is shaping up to be a banner year for aggrieved shareholders and their attorneys seeking to punish companies for alleged misdeeds. Corporate America had hoped that the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 would curb a flood of shareholder class-action lawsuits that were sapping coffers and tying up valuable CEO time with marathon depositions. Those hopes, as it turns out, were hopelessly naïve. The National Economic Research Associates estimates that the number of shareholder
Consumer Privacy: Personalized or Private?

Consumer Privacy: Personalized or Private?

Sharing information online doesn’t necessarily endanger one’s privacy — it all depends on what kind of information and how it’s being used. A federal judge on Tuesday provided a major victory for consumer privacy. After July 1, credit report companies will no longer be allowed to sell your Social Security number or other data in the “credit header” of your report without your consent. This is exactly how privacy should be regulated. The trafficking of sensitive

Gucci Case Spells Trouble for ISPs

The fashion empire is hauling Mindspring into court for copyright infringement. ISPs beware. If the enervated economy and crumbling stock market haven’t already cast enough uncertainty on the Internet service provider industry, a recent lawsuit might tip it over the edge. The case involves the Gucci fashion empire vs. Hall & Associates (owners of, a jewelry e-commerce site) and Mindspring (an ISP now owned by EarthLink). Gucci claimed in federal court that Hall is guilty

Software Piracy – Don’t Copy That Floppy

Anti-Piracy “Don’t Copy That Floppy” Campaign Imagine this alarming scenario. It’s the middle of a busy, productive afternoon at the office when unexpected visitors suddenly arrive: a federal marshal accompanied by a representative of the Software Publishers Association (SPA). They have come to search all the company’s computers for unauthorized copies of software programs. And they are armed with a federal warrant. If the investigators find programs for which the business holds no license, or more

Avoiding Fraud And Forgery

Small businesses nationwide are increasingly falling victim to fraud and forgery and, according to the National Research Council, production of counterfeit currency has doubled every year since 1989. If this trend continues, more than $2 billion in bogus currency will be in circulation by the year 2000. Various banking associations also estimate that about 500 million checks are forged annually, contributing to losses totaling more than $10 billion. Credit card fraud accounted for an additional $2

Big Government Tries To Meet Small Business Halfway

It’s never been easier to start up a commercial rabbit farm in East Texas. Sandra Ellison is on the job to make sure of that. Ellison manages the U.S. government’s first General Store for Small Business in Houston, Texas, a storefront operation designed to provide all the information and assistance necessary to help people start and develop small businesses. The facility served an average of 36 visitors a day after opening in July 1995 – entrepreneurs