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Using Technology to Market Your Law Firm

Tips on Web Site Links While panelists viewed links on a law firm website as helpful information, they noted that they serve to take people away from your site. The panelists suggested that it may be better to dispense with links, and instead work on placing your content on OTHER relevant websites, with links back to your website and vice versa. was considered as a top place to put a law firm’s content.  There are

Two Lessons To Take From the Enron Debacle

Just about everyone was fooled by the company’s shiny, polished exterior. But with the business now in ruins, a few points are worth noting. Just over a year ago, I had breakfast with Jeff Skilling, president and CEO-designate of Enron (ENE). The occasion was a Fortune magazine conference celebrating America’s most admired companies. Enron was ranked high on that list, and Skilling had come to share some of the company’s secrets for managing people. What a

How to Hold Corporate Accounting Accountable

Tighter regulation needed to curb questionable practices. The ongoing Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation of possible deceptive use of pro forma financial results by several companies should inspire little more than a sigh. Frankly, companies should be honest enough with themselves and their shareholders so the SEC isn’t forced to do all this baby-sitting. Fat chance. Pro forma started as a method that companies used in addition to Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP) to report

A New Reason to Hate the Phone Company

If Pacific Bell is allowed to expand its offering to long distance, it will likely extend its loathsome practices as well. By year’s end, regulators in California could give Pacific Bell the green light to offer long-distance phone service. PacBell has been trying for years to get such approval, which appears inevitable and a bit lamentable. Regulators should give PacBell the OK to offer long distance, if only to give the public more reasons to loathe

Tardy Bell Rings for Erates

Program designed to get disadvantaged schools online is a success–sort of Since its inception in the late 1990s, the Erate program that supplies rural and poor American schools with funding for Internet access has had its share of successes and setbacks. Dubbed the Gore Tax after the former vice president who championed the cause, the Erate program continues to get disadvantaged schools online. But despite its successes, lingering concerns surround the program and even its supporters

An ASP Security Step That Matters

A security guarantee is a stickier issue than ever for ASPs and their clients. The under-used SAS 70 audit has big benefits for both sides. As an Internet attorney, I have many clients who outsource some of their company’s technology-related tasks to Application Service Providers. Often, their number one concern is security — how much of it are they getting from their ASPs, and how do they know that their ASPs are really giving them the