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How To Invest In Structured Settlements

The return is good, but the risks are hidden Structured settlements are generally associated with the compensation of injured plaintiffs following a legal hearing. They are more than just a compensation package. One of their main characteristics is that they cover all medical expenses that the injured claimant may be carrying in connection with the injuries sustained. Another characteristic is that if the plaintiff is no longer able to engage in gainful employment because of the

Using Technology to Market Your Law Firm

Tips on Web Site Links While panelists viewed links on a law firm website as helpful information, they noted that they serve to take people away from your site. The panelists suggested that it may be better to dispense with links, and instead work on placing your content on OTHER relevant websites, with links back to your website and vice versa. was considered as a top place to put a law firm’s content.  There are

EU, Microsoft Wrangle on Compliance

In emphasizing its compliance, but still allegedly falling short in the EU’s view, Microsoft is maintaining a tricky balance, said Yankee Group analyst Laura DiDio. “Microsoft, and especially Gates and Ballmer, have been trying to remake the company’s image as a benevolent force in the world,” she said. Microsoft Latest News about Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer met with the European Union’s antitrust Latest News about Antitrust chief, Neelie Kroes, but the two failed to settle

Cross-Selling and Upselling in a Do-Not-Call World

“Companies need to evaluate all service touchpoints, including IVR interactions, outbound transactional messaging and alerts, online and offline statements, and online service interactions,” says Forrester’s John Ragsdale. Every interaction with every customer is an opportunity to sell. In early October, the U.S. Supreme Court denied an appeal to invalidate the national Do Not Call regulations. Hefty fines — up to $11,000 per phone call — remain in force. “Consumer privacy Latest News about privacy regulations are

Contact Centers Under the Gun

Even though the status of the FTC’s Do-Not-Call registry is now questionable, 27 states already have passed laws that regulate consumer calling, and more legislation is pending. Given Wednesday’s ruling by a U.S. district court in Oklahoma City, which says, in essence, that the Federal Trade Commission Latest News about Federal Trade Commission (FTC) did not have the authority to establish its Do-Not-Call (DNC) registry, there is serious doubt as to whether the list will take

Two Lessons To Take From the Enron Debacle

Just about everyone was fooled by the company’s shiny, polished exterior. But with the business now in ruins, a few points are worth noting. Just over a year ago, I had breakfast with Jeff Skilling, president and CEO-designate of Enron (ENE). The occasion was a Fortune magazine conference celebrating America’s most admired companies. Enron was ranked high on that list, and Skilling had come to share some of the company’s secrets for managing people. What a