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5 Tips To Help Women Become Confident Investors

5 Tips To Help Women Become Confident Investors

“The idea of ​​investing may seem overwhelming, but women should recognize their earning potential and make their money work for them,” says Michele Thompson, a financial expert of Sandhill Finance with over twenty years of experience. We interviewed Michele here in 2008 concerning the real-estate market. “Women today have amazing earning potential,” she says. “We finish college at record prices, we are leading organizations, sometimes we are even the breadwinners for our families, so investing is

Stocks in the Stockade

Ethical behavior not only yields good karma; it’s good for the bottom line. If you have escaped with your ethics after quarter upon quarter of pressure to meet your numbers, congratulations. Flaunt your ethics and get a bit holier than thou, because, after the last few weeks of news, ethics are no longer just for the naïve. Good business ethics are good business in hard dollar terms. The best and most recent case for staying within

PC Connection Weathers the Storm

A look at why the PC products retailer bought Cyberian Outpost in the midst of tough times–and at the company’s possible storage secret weapon. Given the recent tough times that retailers–particularly PC retailers–have been battling, it seemed strange when PC Connection (PCCC, info) announced Wednesday that it would acquire Web-based technology retailer Cyberian Outpost (COOL, info) in an all-stock transaction. PC Connection, after all, has suffered the same fate as its competitors in the direct marketing

Southern Comfort

As fiduciary duties take a backseat in the Wachovia-First Union-SunTrust battle, SunTrust’s mistakes are worth examining. The takeover battle for Wachovia, the big southern bank I remember with fear from my student-loan days, is turning especially ugly. As Wachovia and its dueling suitors, First Union and SunTrust, trade verbal barbs, Wachovia is testing the limits of the fiduciary duties its officers and directors owe their shareholders. The resolution of this fight will likely show us just

Investing & Running Your Own Screen Play

Not sold on our tech-stock picks? No problem: The Web offers plenty of ways to find your own candidates. Here are three good ways to research and find the best prospects. 1 Shadow the Fund Managers Why waste time screening and researching if you can get mutual fund managers to do the work for you? Fund managers spend all day researching investment opportunities and have access to more information than you’ll ever see. Although analyst recommendations

AT&T Wireless/DoCoMo Deal Bodes Well for U.S. Consumers

Behind all the financial hoopla surrounding this telecom announcement, there’s good news for everyday mobile phone users. The technology AT&T has promised to implement will give U.S. mobile phone owners the roaming capabilities that Europeans have enjoyed for years. While the recent announcement that Japanese telecom giant NTT DoCoMo will acquire 16 percent of AT&T Wireless (AWE, info) attracted widespread attention, a less-noticed part of the same announcement may have greater impact on U.S. mobile phone