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Deutsche Bank V Forex Billionaire

A real lesson learned from a Forex billionaire, Deutsche Bank V Billionaire Forex Investor With $300 Million Lawsuit. The investor’s fund incurred massive losses in the foreign exchange markets and faced imminent margin calls. Billionaire Forex investor Alexander Vik was served a fresh lawsuit after being let off the hook by a New York judge on 9 March. The court ruled that Deutsche Bank AG did not adequately serve him a suit of an over $300
Why Global Currencies With Letter “Z”

Why Global Currencies With Letter “Z”

Why spell Global Currencies with the letter “z” at the end? This is a question many people have asked me in the past and wanted to give an update to this answer. Even the alphabet wants to know – “YZ.” The letter “Z” may be the last letter in alphabetical order, but it hasn’t always been last. It’s the last letter in the alphabet, why not have it as the last letter in the name of

Most Traded Currencies in the World

The 5 Most Traded Currencies The top 5 most traded currencies in the world are the U.S. Dollar, the Euro, Japanese Yen, Great British Pound and the Australian Dollar. Aside from only knowing that, knowing why and how they correlate to the richest currencies will give you a better understanding of their economic structure. A better understanding of their economic structure will result in a better understanding and better analysis of the foreign exchange markets. Ultimately,