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Ascential Software Teams with DWL on Customer Data

Despite the significant time and resources invested, many organizations still lack a true enterprise-wide view and update environment for their customers, resulting in inconsistent service between channels, and lost cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Ascential Software Corporation (Nasdaq: ASCL), which provides enterprise data integration systems, today announced that it has entered into a sales and marketing partnership with DWL, a vendor of customer data integration (CDI) hub technology. Under terms of the agreement, DWL will promote Ascential

Google Passes On Storage Savings to Users

Hardware is one thing; software is another. If there are any future wrenches in Google’s strategy, it could be on the software side. IDC storage software analyst Bill North says that software is catching up with hardware as the primary cost of storage. “We’re on the verge of a complexity crisis.” The e-mail storage war between Google, Yahoo and MSN confirms that competition continues to create better user experiences on the Web. It also shows that

Turning Point for Customer Data

“CDI is essentially an infrastructure that lets you pull together all the [varied] information you have about your customers and share it across applications,” says Meta Group analyst David Newman. Thus, the same version of customer data can be used in call-center, sales and marketing applications. Only a few years ago, many CRM vendors promised that soon — very soon — enterprises would be able to see all data about their customers at the same time,

Managing Remote Contact Centers

In the past, customers lost through dissatisfaction with customer-service centers barely were noticed by enterprises. Losses were often offset, or at least rationalized, by cost savings. Now, a loss in top-line sales is inexcusable to most companies — for any reason. While the pros and cons of outsourcing remain a topic of debate, many customer-service managers find themselves grappling day to day with the challenges of managing far-flung contact center operations. “Remote centers are doable, but

No Free Lunch: Why Customer-Service Outsourcing Doesn’t Work

“We’ve got it backwards. In our society we demean customer service and hand it over to the younger-generation workforce or to offshore outsourcing. In India, customer service is a serious career. Here, it’s only sales that really matters,” says Dane Anderson of Meta Group. There is no such thing as a free lunch or cheap outsourcing, says Gartner. The firm predicts that 80 percent of organizations that outsource customer service will fail to reduce costs. “An

Cross-Selling and Upselling in a Do-Not-Call World

“Companies need to evaluate all service touchpoints, including IVR interactions, outbound transactional messaging and alerts, online and offline statements, and online service interactions,” says Forrester’s John Ragsdale. Every interaction with every customer is an opportunity to sell. In early October, the U.S. Supreme Court denied an appeal to invalidate the national Do Not Call regulations. Hefty fines — up to $11,000 per phone call — remain in force. “Consumer privacy Latest News about privacy regulations are