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A Quick Glance Shows Business Challenges for Dell

In Dell’s case, unlike many others today, layoffs could be a sign that troubled times are ahead for its competitors. If you take a quick glance at what’s been going on at Dell Computer lately, you might get the impression that it has succumbed to the woes facing just about every other high-tech firm: profit warnings, cost-cutting measures, layoffs, and diminishing gross margins. However, take a closer look, and you’ll see that in many ways, Dell

Dell Just Became The Highest PC Seller

Compaq dethroned; overall U.S. PC sales dip 3.5 percent Amid an international downturn in personal computer sales, Dell (DELL, info) has gained enough market share to dethrone Compaq (CPQ, info) as the world’s leading PC seller, according to the preliminary results of the newest study by Dataquest, a unit of Gartner Group (IT, info). Overall PC sales in the United States fell 3.5 percent from the same period a year ago, due to the sluggish economy

Category Wars: 1997 Not History Yet, as Marketers Ready…

Category Wars: 1997 Not History Yet, as Marketers Ready Their Spin on Who Was No. 1 The year 1997 may be over but it’s far from being just a memory yet, as marketers maneuver for bragging rights in anticipation of the compilation of segment data showing just who was the sales leader in their respective categories. In what has become an annual ritual in many product categories, marketers from cars to imported beer to PCs are