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Prepare for Takeoff: Airlines ponder a nation of amateur travel agents

Imagine stepping up to a United Airlines ticket booth and booking a flight on Delta. Or calling United’s 800 number to make a reservation on American. Sound strange? That’s precisely the kind of service United is now offering on its Web site ( Through the site’s United Connection service, visitors can reserve and purchase tickets on more than 500 other airlines. And United may not be alone; Continental is mulling a similar tact on its site

Word War II: Dallas, Fort Worth & Arlington Readers

Word War II: Dallas, Fort Worth rival dailies battle over suburban Arlington readers In Arlington, Texas, midway between Dallas and Fort Worth, you don’t just have your choice of newspapers. A year after the launches of two locally oriented editions, things have gotten so competitive, you have your choice of newspaper-sponsored events. The Fourth of July parade, a banquet for high-achieving high school seniors, and an assortment of sports and volunteer service awards are just a

The Fifth Networks’ Second Coming

The WB wants to provide family fare and UPN still lives on the urban edge, but both are chasing after the Fox Upfronts for young networks are like cheerleading tryouts. Rumination, best foot forward, claws ready in case the blonde on the left drops her pom-pom. Nowhere was that more evident than in the sparring between UPN and The WB. With the 1997-98 season unveiled, the two networks-both born in 1995-have made it through adolescence and

Syndicators Exit Upfront Smelling Like a Rosie

Emmy-winning talk show sets tone for the market’s rich pricing To the rich go the spoils. “A-list” syndicated series, such as King World’s Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy! and The Oprah Winfrey Show, own the best time-period real estate, allowing them to dominate each upfront ad sales market. Yet syndicators often look to other market leaders to set pricing in the market. At the recently concluded syndication upfront, it was The Rosie O’Donnell Show that joined the

Who Needs the Kids?

The balance sheets show, with one exception, that the networks’ parent companies aren’t relying on the upfront Like Tiger Woods aiming for a field of brilliant green, Westinghouse Electric Corp. is about to make the most important approach shot of its life. For years the company was among the shyest of the nation’s serious media companies, slowly amassing a portfolio of radio, television and cable properties to go with its gas-powered turbines and refrigerated cars, yet

NewsWire: Week of January 26, 1997

DirectTV Beams Up New Campaign Blasting Cable Folks EL SEGUNDO, CALIF.-DirecTV, the nation’s No. 1 satellite service with 3.3 million subscribers, is set to break a broad-based TV, print and promotion-filled brand campaign Feb. 23 that sources say takes its biggest swipe ever at the cable industry. The pitch, via Campbell Ewald, L.A., knocks cable’s poor customer service record and sharp rate increases. The campaign hits so hard, in fact, that CBS recently asked the direct