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Office Behavior: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

If doing good makes us feel good, why do people at work reliably resist the urge? The fact that people talk to journalists still fills me with childlike pleasure and surprise. There are so many risks — being misquoted, talking to someone whose skepticism is jaundiced rather than healthy, inadvertently letting some secret slip out. Sometimes people talk to pitch a product or a viewpoint, sure, but most people talk — amazingly enough — because they’re
Major Sites Missing Out On B2B Ad Dollars

Major Sites Missing Out On B2B Ad Dollars

B2B Ad Spending To Grow? Business-to-business marketers lag in moving to the Internet due to Web media’s inability to tightly target and segment audiences, according to a new study from research firm GartnerG2. The study, for which Stamford, Conn.-based GartnerG2 interviewed more than 30 Fortune 100 B2B advertisers, found that B2B advertisers are reluctant to move online due to the lack of tools to reach their customers. While niche players like B2BWorks have experienced strong growth

Growth Still Happens (Even in This Moribund Economy)

The best growth opportunities are in businesses that exploit the intangible assets you already have. In my last two columns, I wrote about how companies can grow at a time when the economy wants to expand in a macro way — as the gross domestic product and consumer confidence index seem to suggest it does — but when individual businesses are hemmed in by all manner of micro obstacles. Mergers and acquisitions? A stratagem whose generally
SMS Marketing Embraces An Old Pub Tradition

SMS Marketing Embraces An Old Pub Tradition

Challenge From Small Bars Force Pubs to Embrace New Tech Pub quiz nights have long been a favorite tradition among Britain’s beer drinking population, which is generally thought to be roughly equivalent to the nation’s overall adult population. In a typical quiz, the resident publican — a favorite regular — shouts a series of questions to a crowded roomful of pub goers, who then scribble answers on a score sheet between sips of lager. After the

Two Lessons To Take From the Enron Debacle

Just about everyone was fooled by the company’s shiny, polished exterior. But with the business now in ruins, a few points are worth noting. Just over a year ago, I had breakfast with Jeff Skilling, president and CEO-designate of Enron (ENE). The occasion was a Fortune magazine conference celebrating America’s most admired companies. Enron was ranked high on that list, and Skilling had come to share some of the company’s secrets for managing people. What a

Mobile Marketing to Kids

Is that an advertisement in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Jaded consumers claim not to see the banner ads that scroll across their PC monitors. Kids today claim not to read newspapers-or the ads printed there-and everyone knows that remote controls are the perfect tool to surf away from TV commercials. New York-based AirMedia thinks it has the answer for delivering marketing messages where consumers will find them: Put them in