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Stocks in the Stockade

Ethical behavior not only yields good karma; it’s good for the bottom line. If you have escaped with your ethics after quarter upon quarter of pressure to meet your numbers, congratulations. Flaunt your ethics and get a bit holier than thou, because, after the last few weeks of news, ethics are no longer just for the naïve. Good business ethics are good business in hard dollar terms. The best and most recent case for staying within

PC Connection Weathers the Storm

A look at why the PC products retailer bought Cyberian Outpost in the midst of tough times–and at the company’s possible storage secret weapon. Given the recent tough times that retailers–particularly PC retailers–have been battling, it seemed strange when PC Connection (PCCC, info) announced Wednesday that it would acquire Web-based technology retailer Cyberian Outpost (COOL, info) in an all-stock transaction. PC Connection, after all, has suffered the same fate as its competitors in the direct marketing

Five Questions with Radha Basu

Some of the biggest names in business use’s automated IT support software. DLANDROID24 checks in with the firm’s CEO, a two-time Mt. Everest climber. After 20 years within the relatively stable confines of Hewlett-Packard (HWP, info), Radha Basu jumped ship in mid-1999 to take the CEO slot of startup firm Since then, the company, which allows businesses to automate their technical support through its virtual diagnostic and treatment tools, has landed heavyweight clients including

Five Questions With Heidi Roizen

Softbank’s Heidi Roizen defends her venture capital tribe. Venture capitalist Heidi Roizen, 43, watched last year as baby companies with infantile Internet business models secured an unprecedented hoard of VC funding. A veteran of the high-tech industry who cut her teeth in the early ’80s as co-founder and CEO of software company T/Maker, Roizen moved to Apple Computer in 1996. In 1999 she landed at Softbank Venture Capital as principal managing director. What role do you

Chips at Light Speed

New discoveries push optical computing closer to reality. Fiber optics swells bandwidth capacity wherever it replaces copper or aluminum wires. Without optical communications, the modern Internet and phone network could not exist. But computers and servers that depend on those networks are still tied down by metal-based technology. Now, however, a solution to that problem appears to be in sight-if not right around the corner. In the past six months, scientists have made a string of
Unaffording The Affordable Jacques Nasser

Unaffording The Affordable Jacques Nasser

Despite his early stumbles with ebusiness strategies, Ford’s iron-willed CEO is determined this time around to make the Net pay off. Deborah Swan, William Scoffman Talk about your New Economy odd couples: Jacques Nasser, chief executive of Ford Motor, standing arm-in-arm with onetime-billionaire Jerry Yang of Yahoo!, TV cameras rolling, photographers’ flashes pinging off their faces. The unlikely duo stood and beamed before a crowd at the Detroit auto show early last year to announce a