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Super Bowl Ads Use Web to Maintain Buzz

It’s not often that a CEO begins a quarterly earnings call by talking about a fictional character. But on Wednesday, Reebok’s Paul Fireman couldn’t stop talking about Terry Tate, the “office linebacker” charged with righting injustices in the workplace, which Reebok introduced during its third-quarter Super Bowl ad. The response to the ad, he said, has been overwhelming. On top of a media tour in New York — he decked the “Today” show’s Al Roker for

AOL Time Warner’s Year-End Whammy

Which is more jaw-dropping? AOL Time Warner’s (Quote, Company Info) announcement Wednesday that it lost nearly $100 billion in value in 2002, or the surprise news from media mogul Ted Turner that he would resign as a vice chairman at AOL Time Warner? Both are stunners, analysts said, as they digested the double-barreled news that emerged from AOL Time Warner’s fourth-quarter results Wednesday. Minutes after announcing that it would take a goodwill charge of $45.5 billion
Search Engine Marketing Boosts ROI For B2B Websites

Search Engine Marketing Boosts ROI For B2B Websites

Many Business-to-Business websites don’t bother with search engine marketing, and that’s an expensive — and possibly fatal mistake, according to a panel of experts. “If you run a T.V. ad and your customers can’t find you on Yahoo!, you lose validity as a vendor,” said Barbara Coll, CEO of the SEO firm WebMama, Inc. “An enterprise sell requires the support of every available tool.” With that declaration, the Business to Business Forum audience discovered the answer

Outsourcing Valuable to Biz

Many enterprises looking to cut costs are considering e-sourcing as an option, but the process may not significantly increase return on investment. Using Web-based applications, decision-support tools, and associated services, Aberdeen Group expects e-sourcing to flourish from $820 million in 2001 to approximately $3.1 billion by 2005 in the U.S. and Europe, representing a compound annual growth rate of 39.8 percent. “Facing an unstable economic environment, enterprises have been allured by e-sourcing ability to rapidly deliver
Management Minds: What Makes a Great Leader?

Management Minds: What Makes a Great Leader?

We locked two of the smartest management thinkers on earth in a room with each other (and 275 readers) and asked them this question. Here’s how they answered. These have not been the best of times for executives whose titles start with C. One after another, the alpha dogs of the late 1990s have been paraded before Congress, their reputations shot, their shareholders all but wiped out, and the corporations they led revealed as figments of

Growth Still Happens (Even in This Moribund Economy)

The best growth opportunities are in businesses that exploit the intangible assets you already have. In my last two columns, I wrote about how companies can grow at a time when the economy wants to expand in a macro way — as the gross domestic product and consumer confidence index seem to suggest it does — but when individual businesses are hemmed in by all manner of micro obstacles. Mergers and acquisitions? A stratagem whose generally