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Debt Settlement Search Engine Marketing & Advertising

Debt Settlement Marketing Search Engines Debt settlement marketing can take your debt settlement company to the next level. How do you know if you should “in-house” or outsource your debt settlement marketing efforts? Should you focus on offline or online marketing? We’ll explain all this in more, but to start, Marqui Management is the top debt settlement marketing company helping brands establish an online presence, generate more quality debt leads, and close more sales. Search Engine

Benefits Of Working With Marqui Management

Marqui Management Is A Brand Reputation Marketing Management Company Based in Allen, TX Marqui Management has been helping brands locally and globally for years. With decades of combined experience in the digital marketing field, it’s no wonder clients love and trust their services.  From marketing consulting, strategy, and implementation, to reputation management, public relations, search engine optimization, social media marketing, web design, branding, management consulting, and more, Marqui Management is becoming recognized as one of the

Online PR: When ‘Fluffy’ Met ‘Techie’

The Digital Revolution Is Transforming The Role Of Pr In B2B Marketing The digital revolution is transforming the role of PR in B2B marketing – long labeled by cynics as the ‘fluffy’ and unmeasurable part of the marketing mix. DLANDROID24 examines the role and potential of online PR techniques and looks at how it is fast becoming a critical technique The PR industry has been much denigrated; characterized by endless quaffing of champagne, shameless schmoozing, and

Superbrands: Superbrands, Yes, But Sustainable?

Drug firms have made Claritin, Viagra and Paxil familiar names, but at a steep cost. Scour this year’s Superbrands list, and you’ll spot a bunch of now-familiar-sounding brands that zoomed from zero in media spending in 1998 to tens of millions last year. Most of them are drug brands-no surprise to TV watchers who feel they’ve been deluged with ads for medications like Claritin, Viagra and Paxil. Giants such as Schering-Plough, Pfizer and Glaxo-Wellcome have contributed

Bringing Up Baby

Lots of sites want to tell parents how to raise their kids. But which ones can you trust with your own bundle of joy-better known as advertising dollars? Talk about having an inexhaustible audience. There will always be someone in need of a Web site on parenting. Unless civilization decides to stop procreating all together, it’s a demographic that constantly replenishes itself. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of sites aiming to please this demo. IVillage alone,

Shock Troops / The Tech Man

Mojo Risin’? – Armed with new ad serving technology, Gregory Raifman aims to take Mediaplex to the next level. Keeping an Internet firm afloat means keeping it flexible. A company must be able to advance its technology, alter its products and stay one step ahead of the ever-changing Net. If anyone knows this, it’s Gregory Raifman, CEO and president of Mediaplex, a San Francisco-based advertising technology firm. Since co-founding the company in 1996, Raifman has morphed