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A Technological Showstopper (Not That You’d Ever Know It)

The appeal of the new Mercedes SL500 lies not in the growling V-8 or nifty retractable roof, but in the circuitry beneath the surface. Insight can arrive unexpectedly. In this instance, it came in the form of Abe, who owns the convenience store down the street, when I wheeled up in the latest ego-bomb from Mercedes: a slate-gray SL500 with a coolly sinister menace to its sledgelike profile. Abe loves cars and is always happy to

Automakers Rev To Rich Media

A report this year from Jupiter Research, now a division of TurboAds’ parent company Jupitermedia, found that the decision-making process surrounding vehicle purchases is shifting online at a rapid rate. “By 2007,” the study predicted, “37 percent of all new car sales will be the direct result of a specific purchase decision made online.” Additionally, fully 80 percent of prospective car buyers are currently using the Web as a research tool. For automakers, the obvious reaction

Project Ironman: The Technological Engine of Change

Customization and collaboration are the latest watchwords in the automotive industry, as new technology enables manufacturers to work together to build personalized vehicles. On a patch of dirty sand beside the Pacific stands a car that claims to represent the future of the motor industry. This seems strange, since only 500 will be made in the first year, at a cost of #61,500 each. What’s more, it appears to be made out of Meccano. The outrageously