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How To Buy Shares In Marijuana Stocks

Here’s the thing, when multi-billionaire trader George Soros decides to support and invest in something, it’s almost a guarantee to be a great investment vehicle. Especially when he makes a few good points about the benefits and legalization of marijuana on the Wallstreet Journal. He’s invested over half a million dollars into the quickly rising markets, everyone wants a piece of the action but is this volatile market a safe place to invest? The marijuana industry

Are IT Buyers Tired Of Vendors’ Claims Of Being Green?

The Challenge Of Going Green Lucy Fisher examines the concept of green IT and how much value it holds for buyers and sellers of IT products and services. According to a recent report by Forrester Research, entitled ‘Green Marketing Will Grow in 2009’, 70 percent of marketing executives report that their companies are engaged in at least one green activity. This same report, however, stresses the need for companies to proceed carefully with such strategies. Although

EU, Microsoft Wrangle on Compliance

In emphasizing its compliance, but still allegedly falling short in the EU’s view, Microsoft is maintaining a tricky balance, said Yankee Group analyst Laura DiDio. “Microsoft, and especially Gates and Ballmer, have been trying to remake the company’s image as a benevolent force in the world,” she said. Microsoft Latest News about Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer met with the European Union’s antitrust Latest News about Antitrust chief, Neelie Kroes, but the two failed to settle

Web Services Promise New Security Headaches

Stuart Okin, former Microsoft head of security, praised security companies for good communication with CIOs, but warned that the message is still not getting through at board level. The move to Web services is throwing up a whole new set of security Latest News about Security headaches. Speaking during a keynote presentation at InfoSecurity Europe, Stuart Okin, a partner at Accenture and former Microsoft Latest News about Microsoft head of security, warned delegates that Web services