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Download Free Squids Android Game

Squids – Android Game

Free Squids Android Game – a mix of step-by-step tactical strategy and RPG. You will order a small army of lovely beings to protect an underwater kingdom from black silt, which extends in the whole underwater world.

This silt turns normal sea beings into monsters. You need to form a fighting team consisting of legendary squids and to destroy plans of the enemy. You will be able to develop your characters, to improve their characteristics, you can put helmets on squids that will increase their abilities. The army of squids shares on four classes: shooters, scouts, soldiers and healers.

Control system in the game is not difficult. Just choose the necessary direction, take the squid feelers and throw across the fight field. Graphically SQUIDS are done quite qualitatively in 3D style of animated films with smooth animation and effects. Though the game looks a little lovely and for children, actually it is very difficult and makes you think. Take pleasure in epic story with riding on a huge turtle and heroic fights against bosses.

Download Squids Android Game

Cheats for Squids Android Game

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