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A quiet suburb just north of Dallas or one of Texas’ fastest growing cities? Allen, TX is a little of both. The Collin County city of Allen is home to some historical events, notable celebrities, and tourist attractions. With these amenities, it’s no wonder Allen is the 27th fastest growing city in the nation. Growth like this gives new opportunity for local businesses. Small and medium enterprises can expect to see increases in foot traffic to their local stores. Another way to further capitalize on the rising population is to get your business to rank higher in the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. “Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and gain more traffic to your business website,” says the owner of SEO Allen TX.

What Is Local SEO?

As the number of people rises so will the number of online local searches. People searching for “food near me” or “dentist office near me” will see rapid increases. Local businesses with the highest rankings will be rewarded with attracting the most customers.

SEO has been noted as one of the most affordable digital marketing methods. Its cost is relatively small for the return on investment.

Many SEOs have noted the work takes between 6 to 12 months to really see results, but SEO is an online marketing strategy that continues to benefit long after it has ended. Although maintenance is required to remain competitive in your industry, SEO is thought to be one of the most demanded marketing services for local professionals and local businesses.


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Benefits Of Local SEO

With many people visiting Allen, TX to see wonders like the Extreme Skate Park, Wakeboard Park, Celebration Park, or neighboring cities like McKinney, Plano, or Frisco Texas; the importance of having local business listings, link building and local citations are more important than ever. Without having these strategies implemented effectively, not only will your website not rank high in the (SERPs) or search engines results pages, but your business could suffer losses due to the inability to compete in a thriving digital world of business.

98% of people looking for answers will turn to the search engines. Long gone are the days of picking up the Yellow Pages at your local newsstand. And long gone are the days where your website could contain the most amount of backlinks and rank high. The search engines are always evolving, especially Google.

Google gets over 80% of the searches for the entire world. In order to continue getting the most searches, they are constantly looking for ways to enhance their algorithm. By coming up with updates such as Panda and Penguin, they are able to blacklist websites and online businesses that look for the easy way of getting their website higher in the search engines. These penalties result in limited visibility or complete removal from the search engines altogether. This is important to note when you decide you’re ready to hire a local SEO company. Make sure they implement good practices or “whitehat” methods and not “blackhat” techniques.

Blackhat vs Whitehat SEO Companies

White hat SEO might take longer, but it is much better for your website in the long-run. A blackhat SEO company in Allen might implement hacks such as keyword stuffing your website to influence the rankings. This practice involves manipulating texts to contain a higher number of keywords as opposed to providing value for the reader. A local whitehat SEO company will provide content for readers instead of the search engines which will take a little bit longer to get the highest rankings, but the benefits will last much longer.

Choosing the right SEO provider

In today’s world, its all about user experience. Where Google might penalize some websites for implementing a strategy, they can reward another. SEO is more about intent than anything else. If you provide each visitor with a great experience and can justify using a higher number of keywords, then your website qualifies for something like that. Over time, Google will know by a metric known as your bounce rate.

Quality content generally has a lower bounce rate, meaning when a searcher clicks your link from the SERP, instead of quickly clicking off of your site they stay and are engaged. Low-quality content has higher bounce rates because a user who finds no value from the content will quickly exit the page and go back to the search page to find another source.

Another metric Google looks at is your Click Through Rate or CTR. This is a percentage metric that is calculated by impressions divided by clicks. Let’s say an Allen, Texas visitor is searching for “best bars near me.” Google will show them map listings and star ratings in addition to articles and blog pages. Let’s also say your website ranks in the middle for the 5th position for this term. If 200 out of 200 searchers are clicking on the first four results, your click-through rate is zero which tells Google that your page might not be beneficial to visitors.

Get & Keep Higher Local Rankings

Let’s say you go about hiring a local SEO company like SEO Allen TX, and within three to six months they increase your ranking from position five to #1. According to a study, the first position gets an average of 32.5% of all traffic, which means your CTR would be an estimate of 33%, which is outstanding! Google will gladly continue ranking your link as number one.

The only way someone else could come and take that position away from you is if your content became outdated and started getting a higher bounce rate. CTR and bounce rate work hand in hand. A website with a high CTR and high bounce rate is not good, therefore when you purchase local SEO services make sure your specialist covers this basis with you.


SEO Allen TX, Interior Office Building

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Visit SEO Allen TX

If you’re one of the many local businesses or professionals searching for “seo allen tx” contact SEO Allen TX today and find out what they can do for your business. Providing a full-list of local SEO services to help your website gain and maintain high rankings, this company has been awarded excellence ratings by many online publications for their customer service, quality of service and time of delivery.

  • Address: 700 Central Expressway South Suite 400 Allen, TX 75013
  • Phone: 888-384-9424
  • Located between I-75, Watters Creek Boulevard and Guardians Way in the 4th Suite on the fourth floor of the One Allen Center Building.

Local Allen TX Statistics

  • As of 2010, the United State Census reports Allen, Texas has a total population of 84,246.
  • The drive from Allen, TX to Dallas, TX is 25 miles or 31 minutes.
  • The cost of driving from Allen to Dallas is $2.76 one-way or $5.53 round-trip.
  • The midway point between Allen, Texas and Dallas, Texas is a city called Richardson.
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