Save Farm Creek

Rowayton is a coastal village in Norwalk, Connecticut which is roughly 40 miles from New York City. It is known as one of the wealthiest zip codes in Connecticut and perhaps one of the most expensive communities in the US. According to Forbes the (2018) Median Home Price is $4,276,462. Perhaps this provides a surprise to local architect Bruce Beinfield of Beinfield Architecture, a construction and property management firm, who wants nothing more than to build his dream home on the land.

Community Initiative

In admiration of the location and beauty, locals formed a petition to prevent this project from occurring and collected 200 signatures.

We, the undersigned, object to the construction of any new structure on the peninsula of land that extends into the MIDDLE of Farm Creek. This land should be considered a part of the Farm Creek Open Space and preserved for generations to come.

The half-acre peninsula that once served as a trolley line to Bayley Beach, juts into the Farm Creek tidal estuary and is an area that is beloved by locals.

Residents deluged city officials with emails protesting the project.

Pressure continued to build with locals demanding that the land be preserved. was created, a Non-profit board focused on coastal wetlands protection.

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Deborah Swan