Recession-Proof Income Survival Guide

Recession-Proof Income Survival Guide

Aside from everything the media is displaying right now, one of the more important things is getting your finances in order. If you are working a commission only job, start looking for more ways to make money. Even if you’re a business owner, it’s important that you start implementing ways to make your business recession-proof.

Something I have been telling people for years is about to happen. We are approaching what I call the “century cycle.” Market cycles occur every minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade, etc. These cycles are patterns that arise in the market. They are more consistent than the flag or pennant patterns you’ve been trading. Similar to chart patterns, the higher time-frame they appear on, the more drastic the impacts are.

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Think of market cycles like the four seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Every year these seasons occur without fail, correct? Though not always true, it is still safe to assume (in most places) it will be hot during summer or cold curing winter, right?

Here’s the thing. There are a lot of different factors that dictate the weather during those seasons. Simple things like geographical location, global warming, atmospheric pressure, I mean the list goes on. My point is, there are also many different factors that sort of dictate the impacts of each market cycle. Aspects, such as geopolitics, micro and macroeconomics and so forth. Of these, macroeconomics having the biggest effect, we can track indicators such as unemployment rates, inflation, international trade and trade balances, consumer price indices and much more.

Without going too deep or giving you a class on economics, I will say, unemployment rates, interest rates, and inflation are the highest reports that indicate the current state of any economy.

In 2008, no one was expecting the market to crash. Stocks were up, real estate was doing great, but interest rates were pretty high. When interest rates are high, typically the market is doing great, which it was. The Housing Bubble had peaked in 2006 which led to an even further crash known as the Credit Crisis or Financial Crisis in 2007. The market crashed on both occasions, back-to-back. In 2000 the market crashed from the Dot-com Bubble. In 1929, stocks rose beyond belief, and the result was arguably one of the worst crashes in U.S. History.

The adage is true because history does repeat itself. As of (2017) dating back to 1772, the U.S. market has crashed 23 times. 23 crashes over 245 years seem like a logical math equation. That comes to an average of a major market crash every 10.65 years. There have been 3 market crashes and bearish markets since 2008, but guess when the last major crash was. If you guessed 2008, you’re right. Almost ten years ago.

Now, this isn’t some conspiracy theory. As a trader, all I do is track and analyze news, reports, and trends. As a Forex trader, similar to the effects of the United Kingdom European Union Membership Referendum (Brexit) I am positioned to either make a lot of money or lose a lot of money. These spikes in volatility offer significant income for those who know how to take the winning side.

Forex is not only a recession-proof way to make a lot of money and survive and economic crash, but it’s an excellent way to learn and stay familiar with current worldly events.

If trading Forex is not on your agenda, you should consider it. Just about every sector, including finance, takes a huge hit when the markets crash. Millions of people have lost their jobs and their lives.

Experts who predicted the ’07 and ’08 crashes have been predicting this next crash for decades. Similar to how one would predict that Google or Berkshire Hathaway would be great investments. This next crash appears to create more devastation than the crash of ’29 which led to the Great Depression. Going back to what I was saying; Forex is the only market that allows traders to profit from bearish markets and economies.

The same way George Soros made billions from crashing economies is how I teach people how to trade and be profitable in both bullish and bearish markets.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Listen to Billionaire Warren Buffet’s advice:

“Never depend on a single source of income. Make investments to create a second source.”

There is definitely profit to be made in other investments and other financial markets. It doesn’t matter what you actively invest in as long as you learn to skill of trading Forex. If you flip houses for a living, and the housing market crashed, how would you continue to make a living? If you traded stocks or indices and those markets crashed, how would you support yourself and the ones you loved? The beauty of Forex is that it cannot and will not crash. The recent spike in digital currencies has made trading Forex even more volatile. Major digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, are now paired against major currencies like the USD, GBP, and EUR.

As people continue to buy and hold these digital currencies, their values will continue to increase, creating more volatility in the main currencies due to the exchange of major currency to digital currency and vice versa.

If you are someone who does not work for yourself, would like more time-freedom, a way to make more money and not be affected by a recession then give our facebook page a ‘like’ and standby for the release of my new book Invest Now or Suffer Later. This is where I go in depth on how to make money during the next crash and trade full-time or part-time for a better living.

Posted by on June 5, 2017
D'Vaughn Bell