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Download Free Paladog Android Game

Paladog – Android Game

You play in the times of the far future. Time when all mankind was lost came, and there were various animals only most adapted for severe conditions.

Eventually they evolved, passed to new stages of the development. Therefore, they became much cleverer, than people now. They understood a cause of death of mankind and therefore they were never at war. Thus, they managed to live thousands years without uniform war. But there was only one being who didn’t like peace life – a devil.

At some point it couldn’t suffer any more and decided to destroy all animals. He believed that the war will be fast as all already forgot how it is necessary to be at war. He awfully was mistaken. He, as well as all live on that planet, was expected by serious war in which you will participate. In the app there’s a huge number of opportunities. Various weapon, magic different in type, debuffs, auras and many other things.

Download Paladog Android Game

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