The Ancient Art Of Bartering Goes Mainstream

Does the business practice of bartering conjure up images of the underground economy and irate IRS auditors? Think again. That view is as out-of-date as claiming that typewriters still rank as important pieces of office equipment. Some of the country’s largest companies engage in barter, as do many of its smallest. If you’re not already bartering, you should consider it, as bartering’s many benefits can materially help your business. Simply defined, barter is the exchange of

Serving Your Country – Profitably

Does your company have a $74.2 billion contract? Obviously not, but if it didn’t have a piece of the $74.2 billion in government procurement (37 percent of total procurement) that went to small firms in 1993, it should have. Because, while the overall pool of government money is evaporating, small business is increasing its share of procurement dollars and you might want to consider bidding for a portion of the action. Now That’s an Appetite Federal,

Brand Builders: Positioning – Garden Fresh

For years, casual dining operators who merely wanted to serve up hot, fresh food in a friendly atmosphere have found themselves unable to compete with the overhyped themed eateries that touted gimmick over substance. But more recently, consumers have reverted back to the basic tenets of a positive dining experience, seeking out restaurants that promote not sports, Hollywood or rainforests, but good food and service. The downfall of the eater-tainment category, however, is not the only

Top of Mind: Marketers Are Zeroing in on Consumers

Who’ll be the first in your company to buy the video of Mission Impossible 2? All those Internet users with a passion for targeting, that’s who. M:I-2 is a movie textbook on how to track a beautiful heroine by computer, once she’s been injected with a traceable implant. Tom Cruise’s able associate, played by Ving Rhames, spends virtually the whole film hunched over his keyboard and screen, following the transponder chip in Nyah’s ankle wherever she

News Analysis / The Public Votes With Its Remote

GOP Confab Gets Lowest Ratings Ever; Nets Urged To Continue Coverage Which came first, convention coverage or low TV ratings? Or, put another way, how can people be expected to watch a political convention if it’s not on? The Big Three networks covered less of the 2000 Republican National Convention than they have since television was invented. And they were rewarded with the worst ratings in the history of convention coverage: a 4.2 rating/7 share for

Opinion: Upfront Query – Why TV?

In the weeks leading up to a record upfront television market, some sharp-minded and sharp-tongued debate came to life in the pages of Mediaweek over the value of continuing the upfront marketplace. Consultant Erwin Ephron intimated the upfront is a kind of gentlemen’s agreement between networks and agencies to ensure a level of predictability to television advertising-one that would not pass muster with a probing client. Initiative Media CEO Lou Schultz countered that advertisers are pushing