MOY: Heineken’s Steve Davis – It’s All About the Beer Ads

Marketers Of The Year Heineken’s marketer has set himself the delicate task of taking the high-end import brew just a teenie bit off its pedestal by keying ads to ‘beer moments’ and recruiting Austin Powers. Steve Davis is first to admit the paradoxical nature of his mandate to grow Heineken Beer, whose iconic green bottle has rested at the pinnacle of U.S. prestige and elegance in what has generally been regarded as a blue-collar category. “It’s

MOY: Victoria’s Secret’s Edward Razek – Rattling the Chains

Marketers Of The Year After masterminding the Web pyrotechnics that made Victoria’s Secret a hot retail brand, Razek is doling out the razzle-dazzle to his other chains, notably Lane Bryant. America can’t quite figure out how it wants its women to look. Today more than ever, U.S. women (and men) are struggling with obesity and are willing to do just about anything to lose weight. Hollywood, meanwhile, continues to flaunt its bare-boned female celebs like some

MOY:’s Jackie Stern – Calling Captain Kirk

Marketers Of The Year As other dot-coms poured rich budgets down a rat-hole,’s ad director found just the right blend of sell and soul to make the reverse-auction service a household name. The question was not whether to use William Shatner, but how. After more than a year of radio, print and direct mail advertising, the team during late summer 1999 was looking to roll its first TV campaign for the following year. By

MOY: PT Cruiser’s Susan Thomson – Focusing on the Front End

Marketers Of The Year Novel research, spectacular design and a careful seeding among consumers brought unexpected success to the PT Cruiser while putting new luster on the Chrysler brand. Lorrie Aitken is wide-grin, hand-on-her-hips, home-made-logo-on-her-T-shirt proud of her new silver PT Cruiser. She’s standing in a crowd of more than 300 Cruisers on a Chrysler headquarters parking lot, a good chunk of them silver, as owners get ready to take a quick jaunt down Detroit’s fabled

MOY: Gatorade’s Sue Wellington – She’s Got Game

Marketers Of The Year Like Gatorade endorser Michael Jordan, Sue Wellington simply steps up her game as the challenges intensify. Great ads and deft extensions have garnered the brand a $1.5 billion “niche.” How imbued is Sue Wellington with the Gatorade brand and its hypercompetitive ethos? Well, in the TV commercials that the former All American swimmer from Yale airs behind the brand, the athletes sweat-maybe even bleed-Gatorade, in all its fluorescent-hued glory. As for her

MOY: ABC’s Alan Cohen & Mike Benson – Playin’ in the Brand

Marketers Of The Year TV doesn’t stop. For 52 weeks each year, ABC’s top marketing duo works to give the network’s stars some extra wattage and its ratings a boost. Just don’t try calling them yellow. In the weeks leading up to the fall 2000 TV season, executives at ABC were brimming with confidence. The network that blew from a distant third to first place in a single year couldn’t help but feel that momentum was