A Ubiquitous Brand & Lots Of Money Didn’t Mean A Website Had To Fly

Ken Goldstein Classic characters, a ubiquitous brand and lots of money didn’t mean a Web site had to fly. Enter Disney Online’s newest executive vp and managing director, who’s helping to bring the Magic Kingdom back to life. For 75 years, Disney has successfully sold America every format of home entertainment, vacation fantasies and distinctively branded tie-ins. But the merchandise on display outside the North Hollywood office of Ken Goldstein, Disney Online’s executive vice president and

Book Excerpt: Towards the Big Idea

When marketers speak in reverent tones about a “brand experience” or “brand promise,” clearly they’re talking about something more than a company’s product or service. These terms suggest a relationship with consumers built on emotional ties-on positive feelings such as comfort and trust. Indeed, in order to explain the market dominance of a Nike or Starbucks, one must put economic considerations into the context of the emotional bonds that consumers have forged with those brands. Which

Top of Mind: The Internet’s Threat to Branding

Open the pages of any newspaper or magazine these days and you will invariably find discussion of the digital revolution, whether the subject pertains to cyber-shopping, cyber-bidding, e-mail, database services or the never-ending procession of ever more sophisticated digital equipment. In impact, one could compare it with the Industrial Revolution, but in this revolution marketing-related issues take center stage. New venture companies and their brands multiply at almost the speed of an atomic reaction. Products of

TV Sports: Advertisers Wrestle With XFL

Some buyers wary of potential content issues for new league Media buyers who represent several big traditional sports advertisers that have not yet made commitments to the new Xtreme Football League have a message for XFL president Basil Devito: Muzzle your boss, XFL chairman Vince McMahon, because some of McMahon’s promotional come-ons for the alternative pro league are holding clients back from putting down dollars. Dan Rank, director of national buying for OMD, which handles Pepsi,

AT&T Wireless/DoCoMo Deal Bodes Well for U.S. Consumers

Behind all the financial hoopla surrounding this telecom announcement, there’s good news for everyday mobile phone users. The technology AT&T has promised to implement will give U.S. mobile phone owners the roaming capabilities that Europeans have enjoyed for years. While the recent announcement that Japanese telecom giant NTT DoCoMo will acquire 16 percent of AT&T Wireless (AWE, info) attracted widespread attention, a less-noticed part of the same announcement may have greater impact on U.S. mobile phone

Radically New E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Radical Communications lets e-marketers deliver audio and video e-mail messages. Get ready for your inbox to be clogged. No one is more excited about broadband Internet access than online marketers. Who can blame them? On the Internet, advertisers have been confined to the narrow windows of banner ads and the austere limitations of text e-mail (like the ads carried in The Defogger and other eCompany Now newsletters). You can almost feel the advertisers’ desperation as they