To B-School or Not to B-School?

When making a career switch, one of the biggest decisions for many is whether or not to go to business school. Here’s how to decide. Q: I’m a senior manager for a highly prestigious management consulting firm — about two years away from being elected a partner. Trouble is, I have a long-term career interest in the media business and see myself eventually leaving the consulting field. To get a leg up, I recently applied to

Dell Just Became The Highest PC Seller

Compaq dethroned; overall U.S. PC sales dip 3.5 percent Amid an international downturn in personal computer sales, Dell (DELL, info) has gained enough market share to dethrone Compaq (CPQ, info) as the world’s leading PC seller, according to the preliminary results of the newest study by Dataquest, a unit of Gartner Group (IT, info). Overall PC sales in the United States fell 3.5 percent from the same period a year ago, due to the sluggish economy
This Job Interview Feels Like an Obstacle Course

This Job Interview Feels Like an Obstacle Course

Now that employers have the power, brace yourself for a tougher screening process. I am not facing the person the recruiter told me I would meet. I am not even in the right department. And this is not how I imagined conducting myself as a high-powered executive on an interview. The hiring manager asks, “Do you know what job you’re interviewing for?” I answer, “No.” He then explains what the company does, something having to do

Rethinking Venture Capital

Big changes in the VC world could open up whole new career opportunities for those looking to break into finance. Q: Venture Capital firms are no doubt in trouble, but when they emerge from this period they’ll be ready to make new deals. Only next time around “old-school” due diligence, which is very labor-intensive, will rule the day. This will undoubtedly force VCs to hire new staff and make their structures more corporate. Do you agree?

Hot Tips For Capitalizing on the Domain Name Buying Frenzy

We know it’s happening. We hear the stories every day. Another dot com just sold its name for a small fortune. Another domain name entrepreneur just struck it rich. These stories and the promises offered by the shiny new global economy created by the Internet have led to a veritable domain name buying frenzy. With over 28 million registered gTLD domain names, the stories about windfall successes are, well, statistically insignificant. But that doesn’t mean that
Planning A Rich Media Email Marketing Campaign

Planning A Rich Media Email Marketing Campaign

Rich Media Buying Strategies In Email Marketing Compare the commercial email coming into your inbox these days to what you might have been getting a year ago, and I’m sure you’ll notice quite a bit of innovation in the area of rich media email. These days, the communications I receive from e-commerce vendors, trade-show marketers, promotional companies, and others are as likely to be via some form of rich media email as they are to be