Finding a Deeper Meaning in Work

While it’s easy to get distracted by our crumbling economy and day-to-day concerns, we shouldn’t lose track of the bigger picture. Ah, September. End of summer. Back to school. And, of course, back to work. But this week, instead of the typical practical DLandroid24 advice, I’d like to reflect on a more lofty subject. (Don’t be frightened. In the next DL24 column, I’ll bring it back down to earth with “The Art of E-Mail.”) Now is

Content’s Reign As King Is Short-Lived

Era of Discontent With the recent demise of Automatic Media and its attendant Web content sites Suck, Feed, and Plastic, the phrase “Content is King” now takes its rightful place next to “The Earth is flat” in the Bad Call Hall of Fame. The problem with these sites, plus other strugglers like Salon, isn’t the writing, much of which is engaging, if not a little precious. They don’t lack a readership either, although their populations never

Five Questions with Martin Cooper

Father of the cell phone. Martin Cooper invented the first commercial cellular phone in 1973 at Motorola. Today, billions of tiny descendants of Cooper’s off-white, football-sized prototype bleep the world over, for better or for worse. Now 72, Cooper is CEO of ArrayComm, a wireless-technology company based in San Jose, Calif. Why is the wireless industry in such disarray? The entire telecom industry is on the reverse side of a pendulum swing. Last year, the dot-com

The Outernet Is Coming

Screens, screens everywhere- and not a moment to think! Just when the space for billboards seemed to be exhausted, small-screen technology has opened up a whole new vista of marketing terrain. Got a car? You can be pitched at the pump. Hold season tickets to your favorite sports team? Get ready for seatback commercials. Use an ATM or work out at a gym? Well, you get the message-and you’ll be getting a lot more of them,

Five Questions with Henry Cisneros

The former Clinton administration member left the helm of Spanish language media conglomerate Univision Communications to target the urban housing market. He tells DLANDROID24 why. After resigning as Housing and Urban Development secretary under President Clinton, Henry Cisneros went on to become president of Univision Communications (UVN, info), the Los Angeles-based Spanish language network. But a few years later, he is back in the housing game with his new company, American CityVista, which hopes to capitalize

How to Hold Corporate Accounting Accountable

Tighter regulation needed to curb questionable practices. The ongoing Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation of possible deceptive use of pro forma financial results by several companies should inspire little more than a sigh. Frankly, companies should be honest enough with themselves and their shareholders so the SEC isn’t forced to do all this baby-sitting. Fat chance. Pro forma started as a method that companies used in addition to Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP) to report