Trade Shows: A Long-Term Marketing Tool

As a way to meet many potential customers face-to-face in a short period of time, and do so cost-effectively, trade shows can’t be beat, which accounts for their enormous popularity with companies of all sizes. More than 4,300 were held nationwide in 1994, attracting 85 million visitors, according to the Trade Show Bureau. “A trade show can significantly help your business,” comments Barbara Kimmelman of Sellit Inc., a marketing and trade show consulting firm in Santa

Getting Paid What You’re Owed

Are your clients using vendor capital to finance their expenses or businesses? Vendor capital’s only similarity to venture capital is that it comes from outside. When a customer puts off paying your account for 120 days, you are making a four-month interest-free loan you can ill afford. Even worse, it becomes an outright grant if you, the vendor, aren’t able to collect at all. When customers are squeezing extra weeks and months out of their payables,

The Wide World Of International Trade

Still bearing scars from the recession, many American small businesses have circled the wagons and limited their focus to this country in an attempt at self-preservation. However, if they are to grow and prosper, just the opposite may be required. A world of opportunity awaits outside the U.S. borders. Despite calls for protectionism by a number of business and government leaders, trade agreements and the reconfiguration of nations are creating a global marketplace that offers new

Vacation And Leave Policies

As summer approaches, many U.S. workers look with envy to their counterparts in other countries. While most Europeans and Asians enjoy an average of more than 35 days off a year, Americans lag far behind with an average of 22 total vacation, holiday and personal days taken annually. Although most employers cannot grant their employees a month off, many are beginning to re-evaluate their vacation and leave policies in light of lifestyle changes and competitive pressures.

Avoiding Fraud And Forgery

Small businesses nationwide are increasingly falling victim to fraud and forgery and, according to the National Research Council, production of counterfeit currency has doubled every year since 1989. If this trend continues, more than $2 billion in bogus currency will be in circulation by the year 2000. Various banking associations also estimate that about 500 million checks are forged annually, contributing to losses totaling more than $10 billion. Credit card fraud accounted for an additional $2

The Ancient Art Of Bartering Goes Mainstream

Does the business practice of bartering conjure up images of the underground economy and irate IRS auditors? Think again. That view is as out-of-date as claiming that typewriters still rank as important pieces of office equipment. Some of the country’s largest companies engage in barter, as do many of its smallest. If you’re not already bartering, you should consider it, as bartering’s many benefits can materially help your business. Simply defined, barter is the exchange of