Using Technology to Market Your Law Firm

Tips on Web Site Links While panelists viewed links on a law firm website as helpful information, they noted that they serve to take people away from your site. The panelists suggested that it may be better to dispense with links, and instead work on placing your content on OTHER relevant websites, with links back to your website and vice versa. was considered as a top place to put a law firm’s content.  There are

Ascential Software Teams with DWL on Customer Data

Despite the significant time and resources invested, many organizations still lack a true enterprise-wide view and update environment for their customers, resulting in inconsistent service between channels, and lost cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Ascential Software Corporation (Nasdaq: ASCL), which provides enterprise data integration systems, today announced that it has entered into a sales and marketing partnership with DWL, a vendor of customer data integration (CDI) hub technology. Under terms of the agreement, DWL will promote Ascential

EU, Microsoft Wrangle on Compliance

In emphasizing its compliance, but still allegedly falling short in the EU’s view, Microsoft is maintaining a tricky balance, said Yankee Group analyst Laura DiDio. “Microsoft, and especially Gates and Ballmer, have been trying to remake the company’s image as a benevolent force in the world,” she said. Microsoft Latest News about Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer met with the European Union’s antitrust Latest News about Antitrust chief, Neelie Kroes, but the two failed to settle

Web Services Promise New Security Headaches

Stuart Okin, former Microsoft head of security, praised security companies for good communication with CIOs, but warned that the message is still not getting through at board level. The move to Web services is throwing up a whole new set of security Latest News about Security headaches. Speaking during a keynote presentation at InfoSecurity Europe, Stuart Okin, a partner at Accenture and former Microsoft Latest News about Microsoft head of security, warned delegates that Web services

Google Passes On Storage Savings to Users

Hardware is one thing; software is another. If there are any future wrenches in Google’s strategy, it could be on the software side. IDC storage software analyst Bill North says that software is catching up with hardware as the primary cost of storage. “We’re on the verge of a complexity crisis.” The e-mail storage war between Google, Yahoo and MSN confirms that competition continues to create better user experiences on the Web. It also shows that

Turning Point for Customer Data

“CDI is essentially an infrastructure that lets you pull together all the [varied] information you have about your customers and share it across applications,” says Meta Group analyst David Newman. Thus, the same version of customer data can be used in call-center, sales and marketing applications. Only a few years ago, many CRM vendors promised that soon — very soon — enterprises would be able to see all data about their customers at the same time,