Online PR: When ‘Fluffy’ Met ‘Techie’

The Digital Revolution Is Transforming The Role Of Pr In B2B Marketing The digital revolution is transforming the role of PR in B2B marketing – long labeled by cynics as the ‘fluffy’ and unmeasurable part of the marketing mix. DLANDROID24 examines the role and potential of online PR techniques and looks at how it is fast becoming a critical technique The PR industry has been much denigrated; characterized by endless quaffing of champagne, shameless schmoozing, and

Search Marketing: Best Practice For Global Search Marketing

Seo Best Practices On Global Search Marketing As marketers face the challenge of mounting campaigns that cross national boundaries, Taj Ridgeway at Marqui Management, offers some guidelines for tackling the complexities of different languages and cultures. Online marketing is obviously one of the most cost-effective weapons when targeting global markets, and with increasing numbers of UK companies looking overseas, it is crucial that web sites are found by search engines – whatever the country. The golden

Are IT Buyers Tired Of Vendors’ Claims Of Being Green?

The Challenge Of Going Green Lucy Fisher examines the concept of green IT and how much value it holds for buyers and sellers of IT products and services. According to a recent report by Forrester Research, entitled ‘Green Marketing Will Grow in 2009’, 70 percent of marketing executives report that their companies are engaged in at least one green activity. This same report, however, stresses the need for companies to proceed carefully with such strategies. Although

Search Engine Marketing: Bids For Success

Search Engine Marketing For B2B Success Now a decade old, pay per click has become a highly sophisticated search marketing tool. Let’s examine its ongoing evolution, and the opportunities this provides B2B brands. Pay per click (PPC) marketing is growing up fast – it’s been ten years since the now-defunct launched the first PPC venture. While still fundamentally a straightforward bid-based advertising model, relentless growth over the last decade in the search marketing industry has

Search Engine Marketing: Seek And Ye Shall Find

Search Engine Marketing: Seek And Ye Shall Find D’Vaughn Bell, search director at paid search specialist agency Marqui Management, offers advice on how to optimize search engine traffic to make the most of cost per acquisition. Boosting search engine traffic is a non-intrusive method of online marketing. Search is unique in tapping into a user at the exact moment they are seeking a solution, so traffic originates from a voluntary, or ‘opt-in,’ audience. The tangible nature

How To Invest Time & Energy For Business Success

Those that don’t continue to innovate likely won’t be around long enough to worry about it. Pause to ponder and think – you’ll be amazed at how much faster you can go if you slow down up front and use the power of your brain! Investing Time & Energy For Business Success The global business community definitely experienced drastic changes during 2008. As we enter 2009, businesses and leaders are left wondering what storms are brewing