Navigating Through The Retirement Planning Maze

Bill Jones, founder and president of ABC Company, has decided his 15-person operation has reached the stage that it could support some kind of employee retirement plan. As a business owner, he wants to provide an additional incentive to retain key staff members. But Jones is also concerned about the effect of any retirement plan on the firm’s tax position and cash flow. And he doesn’t want to get in over his head with paperwork and

Bringing Back Downtowns

Anyone can tell a good downtown from a bad one. The well-kept downtown boasts plenty of foot traffic, clean sidewalks, attractive store fronts and diverse businesses. The bad one offers boarded up windows, questionable enterprises, dirty streets and worse. But many of even the worst neighborhoods were once bustling city centers. How did they come to grief, and what would it take to revive them? What’s Bringing Your Downtown Down? A neglected downtown repels visitors and

Small Businesses Cast A Big Shadow At White House Conference

For a small business owner busily trying to get ahead, taking the time to move beyond current operational concerns and think about the broader picture may seem an unaffordable luxury. Marketing consultant John Wang thinks failing to do so is far costlier. “Because small business owners are often worried about survival, we tend to think day-to-day and don’t look ahead on a long-term basis,” says Wang, executive director of the Asian-American Business Development Center in New

Tapping Into The Information Superhighway’s Resources

You still insist on using the phone or a fax when electronic mail would be more efficient. You still journey to the library to conduct research when you could do it on-line from your desk. You still confer with colleagues only at annual conventions instead of keeping up with them every few days. Perhaps this approach works for you, but chances are that your competitors, customers and colleagues are making use of the information superhighway’s vast

Learning To Cope With Stress: The Malady Of Modern Society

“Work, work, work, work, work.” – Mel Brooks In his movie, Blazing Saddles, famed actor-director Mel Brooks plays a simple-minded sheriff who scurries from one task to another, all the while muttering his work mantra. While they’re certainly not engaged in the same types of activities such as rounding up errant citizenry, many entrepreneurs can relate to the sheriff’s feelings of being overextended. Running a business is no small feat, and business owners are often driven

A Step-By-Step Guide To Going On-Line

Step 1: Making the Investment Worthwhile Going online can be absurdly simple – some Internet service providers even insert disks with the software you need into business or computer magazines. But to make the investment worthwhile, you must have a purpose in mind. Understanding the Internet, setting realistic goals for your enterprise, recognizing the commitment entailed, and maximizing your efforts are four key steps your small business must take to ensure your Internet venture will be